Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet When Ranbir stops the car at the signal, Khushi notices him. She drops a flower seeing his sad face. She soon departs. Ranbir doesn’t notice her. She asks him to smile in a message that she leaves for him. Ranbir breaks out in a smile. If he smiled or not, she wondered. When Prachi gets home, she tells Dadi that she was fired. Ashok always compliments her work, so why does he fire her. Sahana claims that Priya called to give her the same information. Prachi claims that Ashok promoted her and offered to move her to Delhi, but when she declined, he became enraged and fired her. Dadi is aware that Prachi has reservations about going because of Ranbir. Sahana thinks Prachi ought to leave.

Prachi declares that she would not visit Ranbir’s home since he steals everything from her. She recalls how she and Pragya used to be happy together. However, after meeting Ranbir, she lost Panchi because of Ranbir, who had stolen everything from her. She feels that because Ranbir has harmed her, she has a lot of pain and negative memories and won’t go back to him. Sahana claims that no one requested that she visit Ranbir. Prachi secludes herself in the space while sobbing. Khushi’s mother sends her to the dhaba to eat the leftover food instead of cooking for her. Prachi appears in Ranbir’s imagination. He still yearns for her. Panchi and Ranbir are also missed by Prachi. Panchi will become a reason for union of her parents Prachi and Ranbir. Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Update Pranbir meet:

Prachi asks Panchi where is she now, and why did she leave her and go so far. Khushi gets the food for herself and her Maai. Maai refuses to have the food. Khushi insists her to have food. Maai asks her to remember buying the fresh flowers in the morning. Khushi takes care of her and kisses her. Maai doesn’t like her affection. Ranbir gets reminded of Prachi. Khushi, Prachi and Ranbir see the stars in the sky. They wish to see the shooting star. Prachi wishes to get her Panchi back. Even Ranbir prays that his family completes with Panchi. Panchi wishes to get her parents.

Ranbir and Prachi recall their perfect moment with Panchi. They both always wished that their family stays perfect, but they regret that they lost Panchi. Their wish gets accepted by the stars. Khushi gets excited that she will soon meet her dad. Sahana informs Prachi that her boss Ashok has come to meet her. Ashok meets Prachi. He asks her if her mind got calm. She reminds that he had lost his mind in anger. He explains his stand to Dadi and Sahana. Prachi asks him not to emotionally blackmail her. He tells that he doesn’t like to say sorry, but he has to make a start someday.

He apologizes to her. She asks him not to say sorry, he has a right to fire the employee. He tells that he is like her father, he has come to meet her, but not as her boss. She tells that he got upset, when she refused to go to Delhi. She asks him to send someone else. He tells that he is promoting her because she deserves this. He calls her the best person who can lead the Delhi office. He tells that his son is joining the Delhi office, but Prachi has to teach him work. Dadi and Sahana tells that Prachi can help Ashok’s son. Ashok tells that he is sorry to get angry on her. He asks her to agree to his request. Prachi tells that they all always make her emotional. Sahana asks Prachi not to worry. She tells that she will go along with Prachi to Delhi. Prachi agrees to go there. Ashok tells that he will send Priya to assist Prachi. He thanks Prachi.

Aryan asks Ranbir why is he sitting under darkness. Ranbir tells that he wanted to sit under darkness. Aryan asks him what’s bothering him. Ranbir asks why is he stressed. Aryan tells that he just attended a party and came home. He was scared seeing Ranbir upset. Ranbir tells that he is still alive, he didn’t die, he is living without Prachi, he isn’t able to forget her memories. Aryan tells that he should leave everything to fate. Ranbir tells that he also lost to his fate. Aryan feels Ranbir isn’t living his life well. Ranbir thanks him for coming. Aryan puts him to sleep. Ranbir doesn’t want to think about Prachi. Prachi is tensed to leave for Delhi. Sahana asks her not to get tensed.

She tells that she will soon come and meet Prachi in Delhi. Prachi tells about her office location. Ranbir has his office in the same building. He goes to the airport to pick his boss’ daughter. Ranbir tells that he will get her safely. The man thanks him. He doesn’t say that his daughter is short-tempered. He worries for Ranbir. He trusts that Ranbir can handle his daughter’s temper. Aryan meets his friend at the airport and asks about Ranbir. Aryan looks for Ranbir. They meet and discuss their work. Ranbir waits for Kaya. He asks Kaya’s dad to send Kaya’s picture for identifying her. Prachi lands in Delhi. She wishes that she doesn’t meet Ranbir again. Ranbir tells that Prachi is his past, she will never come back. Prachi reaches the same coffee shop. Ranbir orders the coffee and waits there. Prachi and Ranbir are close, but fail to see each other.

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