Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Update Kaya’s entry

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Update Kaya's entry

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Update Kaya’s entry Ranbir meets Kaya at the airport. She identifies him as Ranbir, the manager. He welcomes her. She lectures him. She says that she dislikes people who don’t value time. Ranbir gets to face her anger. He wasn’t aware of her short temper and dealt with it in his charming way. Prachi has also arrived in Delhi. Ranbir and Prachi have a hit and a miss at the airport. Kaya’s entry happens in Ranbir’s life. Will Ranbir and Kaya get paired up? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi is tensed to leave for Delhi. Sahana asks her not to get tensed. She tells that she will soon come and meet Prachi in Delhi. Prachi tells about her office location. Ranbir has his office in the same building. He goes to the airport to pick his boss’ daughter. Ranbir tells that he will get her safely. The man thanks him. He doesn’t say that his daughter is short-tempered. He worries for Ranbir. He trusts that Ranbir can handle his daughter’s temper.


Aryan meets his friend at the airport and asks about Ranbir. Aryan looks for Ranbir. They meet and discuss their work. Ranbir waits for Kaya. He asks Kaya’s dad to send Kaya’s picture for identifying her. Prachi lands in Delhi. She wishes that she doesn’t meet Ranbir again. Ranbir tells that Prachi is his past, she will never come back. Prachi reaches the same coffee shop. Ranbir orders the coffee and waits there. Prachi and Ranbir are close, but fail to see each other.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Update Kaya’s entry:

Pallavi cries for Ranbir, knowing he didn’t move on in life. She tells Dida that Ranbir didn’t forget anything, he just pretends to be fine, but he is shattered within, he is living his pain. Dida asks her why does she feel so. Pallavi tells that she had seen Prachi’s picture under Ranbir’s pillow. Dida tells that Ranbir would be missing Prachi. She consoles Pallavi. She tells that things will get okay soon. She relieves Pallavi’s tension. Prachi orders a cup of coffee. Ranbir looks for Kaya. Prachi feels everything is still the same, Ranbir is also in the same city, he is somewhere around. She isn’t able to stop herself from thinking about Ranbir. Ranbir checks Kaya’s picture. Ranbir and Prachi unknowingly share the coffee from the same cup. Ranbir realizes he took the wrong cup after taking a sip. He keeps the cup back. Prachi leaves from the cafeteria. Ranbir comes and comes across Kaya.

He welcomes her. She rebukes him for not valuing her time and coming so late. He asks her about her luggage. She asks him to carry the luggage if he has come to receive her. She isn’t happy with his mistakes. She warns him against making another mistake. Ranbir realizes that her dad lied to him. She asks him to take the luggage and hurry up. Ranbir doesn’t know how to tolerate her. He gets to see Prachi Arora’s name on the bag. He is delighted that his Prachi is alive. He shares the good news with Aryan. He tells that Prachi has come back. Aryan can’t believe it. Prachi informs Sahana that she is heading to the hotel.

Sahana tells that she will come to Delhi soon. Ranbir asks Prachi to check the name on the bag tag. Sahana asks Prachi to take care of herself. Ranbir looks for Prachi. She passes by. Her saree cloth falls over his face. Ranbir feels Prachi. He calls her out. Prachi hears his call and stops. Ranbir and Prachi turn to see each other. They feel each other, but fail to see. Kaya reaches Ranbir and tells that she is talking to him. Ranbir looks for Prachi desperately. Kaya asks him is he okay.

She asks him about her bag. He tells that her bag got exchanged. He goes to lost and found counter. Kaya tells that nobody treated her badly, nobody ignored her presence. She gets angered. She goes ahead when she collides with Prachi. Their phone gets swapped. Ranbir tells Aryan that he can feel Prachi. Aryan tells that Prachi passed away. Ranbir tells that he curses the day when he asked Prachi to leave from his life, but fate can’t be so harsh on him, he can’t lose Panchi and Prachi on the same day. He asks Aryan to mark his words, Prachi is coming back to him.

Vikram calls up Aryan and informs that he just landed, he is coming home in sometime. Aryan tells that he is also at the airport, he will come to him. Priya asks Prachi why is she lost. Prachi tells that she heard a familiar voice. Priya asks if the voice was of her loved one, that she grew so emotional. Prachi tells that she has no one close to her heart.

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