Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update Preeta's step

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update Preeta’s step

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Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update Preeta’s step Kavya asks Preeta and Arjun to shake hands. She doesn’t like to see them fighting. Preeta tells that he already said sorry. Kavya insists and makes them shake hands. Prithvi tells Anjali that Arjun will not marry Preeta in the mandap, whatever happens, he will never let Arjun and Preeta unite. Anjali is relieved with his promise. Sherlyn, Prithvi and Anjali join hands against Arjun and Preeta. Kavya is happy to know that Arjun has come to stay with them. She wants him to become a part of their family. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Sameer tells that Arjun has made them mad. Mahesh asks the pandit not to pass time, and just tell them the mahurat. Pandit tells about the close date. Kareena tells that the marriage can’t happen. Rishabh stops her. She tells that they have to maintain their class, they can’t manage the marriage arrangements in a few days. Rakhi tells that she will handle everything in one day. She asks them to prepare for marriage. Karan stops Rishabh and informs him that he is shifting to guest room as of now, but he will shift to Rishabh’s room after the marriage. He hopes Rishabh doesn’t mind.

Rishabh tells that the entire house is of Arjun now. Karan goes outside to drop Dadi. Rakhi asks the family not to take tension of Karan, he is just acting as a bad boy, he is making his bad boy image. Preeta recalls Karan’s words. Prithvi tells that Sherlyn can’t make any plan without him. She tells Anjali that they can win even without Prithvi’s help. Anjali gets Arjun’s call. She asks them not to talk for some time. Karan gives the good news to Anjali that his marriage date is fixed. She grows worried.

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update Preeta’s step:

Karan gives the good news to Anjali. He asks her to speak to the designer and call her at the Luthra mansion, because he is shifting there from now. Anjali is shocked to know this. She asks Prithvi what will he do that she gets Arjun. He tells that he will think about it. Bani finds Kritika upset. Kritika tells that she is thinking of Arjun. She adds that Arjun is a destructive person, who wants to ruin their family. She doesn’t like him. Kareena wants to know what they can do. Shrishti tells that they have to stop the marriage. Prithvi asks Anjali to keep Arjun away from Luthras. Anjali tells that Arjun has taken over the Luthra house, he isn’t ousting the family, he went to stay with them.

Shrishti tells that they have to stop the marriage at any cost, else Arjun will become a part of their family and they have to make a relation with him against their will. Prithvi tells that he gets angry on Arjun, and sometimes he is left impressed by Arjun’s plans. Anjali asks him to tell her what he will do to stop Arjun from marrying Preeta. Shrishti tells that they should support each other and stop this marriage. She doesn’t want Arjun to cause any harm. Kritika tells that they will plan something. Bani asks them who will talk to Preeta. Shrishti tells that Preeta will understand if she explains.

Sherlyn tells that Preeta gets all the nice guys. Prithvi tells that he couldn’t get Preeta, he is the best of all, but he is with Sherlyn. He tells that Sherlyn is really smart. Anjali tells that she might change Preeta’s present. Prithvi tells that she can indeed do that. He tells his plan to Sherlyn and Anjali. He assures that Arjun will not marry Preeta, he will sit with Anjali in the mandap. Anjali asks how is this possible. He asks her to trust him, he will figure out everything. He tells her that he will message the bank details to her. She agrees to pay him for the task.

Rakhi asks Mahesh’s help. She asks him about Rocky’s number. She tells that Rocky has won the best designer award this year. He asks her if she really needs Rocky’s number. She tells that she will not listen to him now. He asks her to at least hear him out once. She tells that he will chant the same thing again, that Arjun isn’t Karan. He asks her to do anything she likes. He sends her Rocky’s number. She calls Rocky to buy the designer clothes for Arjun and Preeta. Kavya tells Arjun that she likes him a lot, but he can’t take her favorite apples. He tells that she can’t have one apple. He stops her from taking the knife. Preeta asks Karan is he snatching an apple from Kavya’s hand. Kavya lies and traps him.

Karan tells that she is lying. Preeta scolds him. Kavya then tells the truth and saves him from Preeta’s scolding. She asks Preeta to say sorry to Arjun. Karan tells that its okay. Kavya insists and makes Preeta say sorry. She asks them to shake hands. Karan and Preeta shake hands. Karan asks Kavya to give him a sweet kiss. Rishabh sees them as a happy family. He gets emotional seeing Karan pampering Kavya. He is happy to see Kavya happy. He distances himself. Rakhi tells that she has no words to express her joy. She asks Preeta to decide the jewellery to match with the bridal lehenga. Preeta tells that she doesn’t want anything. Rakhi tells that Preeta is marrying Karan again, so she is really happy.

She tells that they know Arjun is Karan, but the outsiders don’t know the truth, they will be thinking bad about them. Rakhi tells that they know Arjun is Karan and nothing else matters, they have the proof as well, Karan has come back to them. She tells that when she got Preeta married to Rishabh, she thought they will have a marital relation, but they just stayed friends. She tells that love has come back in Preeta’s life. She blesses Preeta. She wants her to stay happy. Servant overhears them and rushes to inform Prithvi. Rakhi hugs Preeta.

Preeta wishes that every girl gets a mother-in-law like Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she is her mother. Prithvi is super shocked to learn that Arjun is Karan and Luthras has proved this too. Sherlyn asks him the matter. Prithvi tells that he is very much shocked at his foolishness, they never thought why Arjun is so interested in Luthras. He tells her that Arjun is Karan. She doesn’t believe it. He tells that someone had saved Karan’s life, Luthras have the proof, Karan and Arjun’s fingerprints have matched. He tells that he will not let Karan marry Preeta.

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