Bade Acche Lagte 30th January 2023 Update Lakhan accepts blame

Bade Acche Lagte 30th January 2023 Update Lakhan accepts blame

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Bade Acche Lagte 30th January 2023 Update Lakhan accepts blame Priya cracks the mystery of Avni’s kidnapping. She wants to free Lakhan from the wrong accusation. She promises Swati that she will free Lakhan from the bail and also ensure that Ram understands the truth. Nandini tells Swati that Ram’s freedom and destruction are in her hands. Swati doesn’t think Nandini can do anything now, because Priya is on her side. She warns Nandini against harming her sons. She tells that Priya will fight Nandini, if the latter dares to trouble her sons. She is confident that Ram will be on her side soon, he trusts Priya and his relations, he will soon trust his mother too.

Nandini tells that she will not let it happen. She reminds that Lakhan is still in jail. Swati tells that she doesn’t care if Lakhan is in jail, because her elder son Ram is with her. She adds that Priya has promised of uniting Ram and her. She asks Nandini to chill her mind. Nandini records their conversation to use it against Swati. She tells that she will see how Swati wins against her, because its tough to win over Nandini Kapoor. Nandini approaches Lakhan and tells him about Swati’s plan of sacrificing him.

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She asks Lakhan to confess his crime of kidnapping Avni. Ram and Priya reach the police station. Priya rescues Avni and brings her to meet Lakhan. Lakhan admits his crime that he has kidnapped Avni, to take revenge on Avni. He tells that he loves Avni a lot, but Yash fixed her marriage with Sid, Yash snatched all his hopes and ruined his love story. He confesses the crime, and leaves Priya shocked. Ram expected Lakhan to be wrong. Shubham and Sid want to know Nandini’s plan that she made Lakhan accept the blame.

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