Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Love story

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Love story

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Love story Ashok calls up Prachi. She is asked if she has a boyfriend. Is he serious, she queries. He begs her not to disparage him. He reveals that he is familiar with her and that she is missing her former cabin. He reminds Prachi that memories are created by them and that they shouldn’t base their lives on them. Make new memories, he encourages her. She expresses gratitude for sending Sahana and Dadi. How was your day, he queries. He reveals how he met her, and the crew is impressed. Satya/Satyendra questions whether Prachi is intelligent and gifted or if it’s only because she’s attractive. He claims that Prachi stole his chance to become CEO, even though he was certain of securing the place for himself.

Kaya advises them to concentrate on the problems at work. She and her dad don’t communicate properly. She requests of Ranbir that he refrain from judging anyone. Ranbir claims he is not passing judgement on anyone. Calling Ranbir, Aryan requests that he protect him from the girl’s family. He claims that Ranbir alone can save him. Ranbir lets everyone know he’s coming. He informs Kaya that he is departing. She begs him to stay in the same place. He explains that he has some essential duties to do. She requests that he take her to the hotel. He promises to reserve a cab for her. Aryan is rescued from the alliance negotiations by Ranbir after he joins him at home. Why didn’t he love someone, he inquires of Aryan. Aryan thinks of Sahana. He realizes that he loves Sahana, but lost her because of Pranbir’s separation.


Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Update Love story:

Aryan asks Ranbir to save him, because he doesn’t want to marry. Ranbir tells that its his call, he has to agree or refuse to marry, its as simple as that, he shouldn’t judge the girl by her looks. He asks him to speak to the girl once, she deserves this at least. He asks Aryan to become responsible. Pallavi asks Aryan to speak to the girl. Ranbir tells that he is okay now. Pallavi tells that Aryan can talk to Ranbir later, he should talk to Damini and get to know her. Ranbir wishes Aryan all the best. Aryan asks him not to leave him and go. Ranbir tells that if Aryan fell in love with someone then he would have not fallen into this arranged marriage thing. Aryan and Damini go for a talk.

She is more interested in Ranbir. She asks him about Ranbir. Aryan happily tells her about Ranbir. He asks her what does she like. She tells that she likes Ranbir. Aryan tells that there is no one in Ranbir’s life, but there is someone in his heart. He refuses to marry her. She also refuses to marry him. He gets happy. He tells that he is thankful to her, she saved him, he didn’t tell her because she could have felt bad. She asks him to go and tell the family. He asks her to go and reject him. She asks him who does he love. He misses Sahana. He tells that the girl has gone too far from him. Sahana lands in Delhi. She collides with someone and lectures the guy. She misses Aryan. She feels Aryan was different.

She doesn’t know why she misses Aryan. She gets tears in her eyes. Kaya doesn’t get the cab. She gets angry that Ranbir has committed a new mistake. A car comes for Prachi. Kaya tells her that she thought the car has come to pick her. Prachi tells that she will drop her to the hotel. Kaya calls Ranbir and asks him where is the driver. He tells that she reached before time. Prachi and Kaya talk and get to know each other. Kaya tells that she dislikes people who don’t value time. She tells Prachi that she doesn’t like her dad who controls her a lot. She asks Prachi if anyone broke her heart.

She tells that she wants to know her story. She asks Prachi to move on in her life, its not fair to waste time and tears for those who don’t value them. Prachi tells that she had tried, but couldn’t. Kaya tells that she will make Prachi forget that guy, she will change her completely. Ranbir goes to meet Panchi at the flower shop. He buys all the flowers. Khushi asks him if someone’s marriage is happening. He tells her that he wants to fulfil someone’s wish, he wants to help her in education. She tells that she goes to school and studies, she writes horoscopes also. He calls her cute to talk such nice things.

She tells that he talks a lot. She asks him if he met someone nice. Ranbir tells that he didn’t meet anyone, he is going home. She asks him to think positive, it will surely happen. Ranbir tells that he will think positive. He is happy to meet her. He gives her money. She tells that she doesn’t want any extra money. He tells that she has brought a smile on his face. He asks her to keep the money. She calls him stubborn. She tells that she will give him fresh flowers with a new horoscope. She asks him to just think of the horoscope turning true. Ranbir thanks her. He reads the horoscope.

She tells that it will really happen. He makes a leave. She tells her friend that she felt she knows him. She mentions about Prachi, who also felt familiar. Kaya asks Prachi to come with her to a club, they can chill there, she can forget the past. Prachi tells that she doesn’t visit clubs. Khushi sells the flowers. She falls down on the road, while taking the money from a lady. Prachi gets to see this and runs on the road. She scolds the lady. She takes care of Khushi. She asks Khushi why did she run after the car. Khushi remembers meeting her before. Ranbir calls up Kaya to know her whereabouts. He asks her to take the cab.

Kaya tells that she already left, she is with Prachi, they are staying in the same hotel, she took lift from her. Ranbir can’t believe the coincidence. He tells that she will be happy to travel with her new friend. He tells that Prachi won’t be happy to travel with Kaya. Kaya tells that Prachi offered her the lift, they both are happy to share the ride. Prachi feeds the water to Khushi. Khushi tells that Prachi is really nice. Prachi asks Khushi not to run after the cars again. She makes Khushi promise that she won’t repeat this. She cries and recalls her Panchi. Khushi asks if she loves her daughter a lot, because she is being so nice towards a stranger. Prachi tells that she has no daughter. Khushi tells that she is there. Prachi gets emotional.

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