Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Khushi's fate

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Khushi’s fate

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Khushi’s fate Khushi is thanked by Ranbir. He wants to believe the horoscope chart. She assures that it will actually occur. He departs. She admits that she believes she knows him. She makes reference to Prachi, who she also felt was familiar. Prachi disagrees to accompany Kaya to a club where they can unwind. Prachi claims she doesn’t visit clubs. The flowers are sold by Khushi. While accepting money from a woman, she trips and falls on the pavement. When Prachi notices this, she takes to the road to run. She chastises the woman. She looks after Khushi. Khushi is questioned about her decision to chase the automobile. Khushi recalls having previously met her. Ranbir contacts Kaya to find out where she is.

Kaya reveals that she has already left, that Prachi is with her, that they are both staying at the same hotel, and that she gave her a lift. Ranbir finds the coincidence unbelievable. She will be delighted to travel with her new acquaintance, he assures her. Prachi won’t be delighted to travel with Kaya, he says. Prachi offered Kaya a ride, and they were both glad to accept. Kaya says. Khushi receives the water from Prachi. Khushi says Prachi is a genuinely sweet person.

Khushi is asked by Prachi not to chase the automobiles once more. Khushi is asked to vow that she won’t do this again. She sobs when she thinks of beloved Panchi. Because her daughter is being so kind to a complete stranger, Khushi questions her mother’s level of love for her own daughter. Prachi reports that she doesn’t have any child. Khushi asks her not to get sad, because she is there with her. Khushi’s words give the ultimate happiness to Prachi.

Ahead in the show, Khushi gives a flower to Prachi. She asks her not to pay for it, it’s a gift. She asks her to read the note, it’s the horoscope, it will turn true. Prachi thanks her. She reads the note, that she will meet someone who she sees when she closes eyes. Prachi closes eyes and visualizes Ranbir. Prachi asks if Ranbir will meet her.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Update Khushi’s fate:

Khushi tells Prachi that she is like her daughter. She asks Prachi not to get sad. She tells that she will give her pretty flowers, it will bring a smile on her face. Prachi tells that she feels bad when the flowers get dry. Khushi tells that flowers do their work and give happiness to others, then they go up in the air, they lose their colour and fragrance. She asks Prachi to take a flower. Prachi goes to the car. Kaya asks her not to show much concern to the kids who grow on the streets. Khushi gives a flower to Prachi and asks her to accept it as a gift.

She tells that the horoscope will get true. She insists her to take it and read the note. Prachi accepts the rose. She thanks Khushi and goes. Kaya tells that she knows this girl, she was selling flowers to the manager as well by making emotional stories, she is really smart. Prachi and Kaya reach their hotel. They both learn that they are staying on the same floor. They laugh on the coincidence. Kaya tells that she doesn’t like many people, but she likes Prachi.

Prachi is also glad to meet Kaya. Kaya can’t believe it. She asks Prachi to join her for a talk. Prachi tells that she has some work. Kaya tells that she wants to know about her life, and also share about her own life. She wants a good listener. Prachi tells that she is a good listener, she will meet her tomorrow. Kaya agrees. Prachi keeps the flower in a glass of water. She catches the note and reads it. She wishes she really sees the person she loves. She can’t believe that she will meet Ranbir. She gets emotional. Ranbir finds Aryan dancing and thinks his marriage is fixed.

He congratulates Aryan. Aryan tells that the girl rejected him, the marriage won’t happen now. Ranbir asks him if he still misses Sahana. Aryan denies it. Ranbir asks him to share his feelings. Aryan tells that Ranbir means a lot to him. He later confesses that he misses Sahana a lot. Sahana shows the album to Dadi. She tells that Prachi loses everything always. She sees Pragya’s picture. She tells that Prachi lost Pragya and then Pallavi also, Pallavi never accepted Prachi as her Bahu, but Prachi regarded her a mother. She feels Prachi has tolerated a lot.

Sahana doesn’t want Prachi to have sorrow in her life. Dadi tells that Prachi isn’t alone, they are with Prachi. She blesses Prachi. She tells that something good will happen with Prachi. She consoles Sahana. She tells that she also misses Prachi a lot. They call up Prachi. Sahana asks Prachi is she okay. Prachi tells that she is missing them a lot. She gets busy on a call. She gets a jerk from a guy, who misbehaves with others as well. Prachi tells that she will call them later. She scolds the guy for disrespecting an elderly person. The guy asks her not to talk much. He leaves from there.

Kaya calls up Ranbir and wakes him up. She tells that she isn’t well, she won’t come for the meeting. He tells that it will be a problem if meeting gets postponed. She asks doesn’t he worry for her. He tells that he is also worried for her. She asks him not to show any fake sympathy. He tells that he is genuinely worried for her. He asks her not to worry, he will get a doctor along. Prachi learns about the problem in the hotel. Minty worries that flowers aren’t delivered for the decorations. Prachi asks her the matter. Minty tells that flowers aren’t delivered, it’s a special wedding, they have to make sure that the bouquet hall decorations are done on time.

Prachi asks Minty to calm down. Ganesh tells that he got a contact, he will call Laali and order the flowers. He calls Laali and orders the flowers. Laali is delighted to get a big order. She tells Khushi that they got a big order. Khushi tells that she will come along and help her. The guy who collided with Prachi turns out to be a criminal. He meets his fellow mates. He tells that they have to plan everything carefully, because big personalities will be coming to attend the wedding of a rich celebrity.

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