Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Karan saves Preeta Preeta gets to see Karan and Rishabh bonding. Karan sees her in danger and shouts to alert her. He runs to save her. Rishabh also protects Preeta. Karan asks the goon how dare he tries to harm Preeta. He madly beats the goon. Preeta recalls the old moment when Karan had madly beaten up a reporter. Preeta calls him Karan and stops him. Rishabh is shocked to hear that, and Karan gets freezed, unaware how to react. Karan realizes that Preeta knows his identity truth.

Earlier in the show, Karan and Rishabh worry for Rakhi. Prithvi tells that Shrishti didn’t call them, they have come on own, they are robbers, they have come to rob the house. He tells that its their mistake that they are much rich, so he has come to create a balance by stealing their money. He is glad that the guests and family members don’t have their phones with them. He asks them to just give away all the jewellery without any drama. Rishabh asks them not to move and put the guns down. He tells that he will press the emergency switch. The switch doesn’t work. Prithvi tells that he knows everything, he is more smart than Rishabh. Preeta asks them to stop. Shambu calls her mad to think that they will follow her orders.


Sameer calls him a coward. He asks him to show his face, men do not attack by hiding their face. Luthras get into a fight with the goons. Mahesh asks Rakhi to run. Rakhi tells that she can’t leave her sons in danger. She throws a coconut on Prithvi’s head. Prithvi drops the gun. Sameer punches Prithvi. The fight goes on, whole Preeta grows worried for the family.

Ahead in the show, Prithvi gets Kritika at gun point. Kritika tries to run away. Anjali argues with Karan and asks him to value her friendship. She counts her favors on him. He tells that if anything happened to Preeta, then he could have not tolerated it, he loves Preeta a lot. She asks if he doesn’t see anyone else in front of Preeta. He asks her what does she mean. She tells that she loves him a lot. Shrishti overhears them and gets confused about Karan. Rishabh and Sameer try to find out Prithvi. They check every room in the house. Prithvi pleases Kritika with his talk and convinces her to become his hostage.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update Karan saves Preeta:

Luthras run away to hide from the goons. Mahesh asks Rakhi not to go out and fight the goons. She tells that she will go and rescue her sons. She asks Bani to stop Mahesh. Mahesh and Rakhi argue in front of Kareena and Bani. He tells that Rakhi is behaving abnormal. Rakhi asks Kareena to tell Mahesh, if they never fought the goons before. She reminds the problems they faced in the aircraft. Bani calls Rakhi brave. Mahesh asks Rakhi not to go out and risk her life. Rakhi pushes Mahesh and runs out. Mahesh follows her. Prithvi asks the people/guests not to move. He finds the Luthras missing.

He asks Shambu to find them and bring them to the hall. Shambu asks them to find the bride. Rishabh and Sameer try to find a place for them to hide. Prithvi asks them to stop. Preeta and Anjali enter a room and lock the door. Shambu reaches there. He tries to find Preeta. Preeta and Anjali fight the goons. Rakhi and Mahesh don’t see anyone in the hall. She asks if the goons have run away. Mahesh tells that the family members would have gone to hide. Rakhi meets Karan and Rishabh. She asks where did Preeta go. Karan and Rishabh realize that Preeta and Sameer are missing. They make a team and hide in some room. Preeta gets caught by the goons. She signals Anjali to help her by passing the fruit knife.

Anjali doesn’t help her. Preeta manages to get rid of the goons. She takes Anjali with her. She asks Anjali did she want the goons to catch her or hurt her. Kritika falls down and gets hurt. She is caught by Prithvi. She asks him not to kill her. Prithvi extends his hand to help. He asks her to answer his question with a positive reply. He threatens her and turns her into a hostage. Mahesh asks Rishabh to explain Rakhi to not act brave. Karan and Rishabh call her brave and joke on Mahesh. Shrishti tells that she wants to learn daringness from Rakhi. Karan completes Shrishti’s statement. He goes out to find the family members. Rishabh tells that he will also go and find Preeta.

Preeta asks why did Anjali pass her the knife. Anjali tells that she wanted Preeta to get hurt. She justifies that she doesn’t want to lose her friend Arjun, he isn’t listening to her these days because of Preeta. She rebukes Preeta. Karan hears this and stops Anjali. He sets limits for Anjali. He tells that its Preeta and his matter, she shouldn’t get into this. Karan and Anjali get into an argument. Preeta asks them not to fight. Anjali asks her to not ruin their friendship. He apologizes to Preeta. He tells that he will go and explain Anjali. Preeta thinks to find a phone and call the police. Anjali asks Karan if he wants to insult her more. Karan asks why didn’t she save Preeta, anything could have happened to her.

Anjali asks what would happen. Shrishti overhears them. Karan tells that she already knows it. Anjali tells that she doesn’t know it, and she doesn’t want to know anything. Karan tells that he would be hurt if anything happens to Preeta, because he loves her. Prithvi asks the goons to tie up the hostages. He tells that he will teach them a lesson. Anjali tells that she has done a lot for Arjun, he isn’t able to understand her love. She confesses that she loves him. This shocks Karan. Karan tells that he loves her too, she is his good friend, she always supports him, but she can’t say anything wrong about Preeta.

He praises Preeta. Anjali asks him to just tell her, does he love Preeta more than her. Shrishti thinks what is happening, why does he love Preeta instead Anjali. He tells Anjali that he loves Preeta a lot. He calls Anjali important for him. Anjali gets upset. Shrishti tells that Arjun is just like Karan, he doesn’t want anyone to talk against Preeta. Rishabh reaches Preeta and asks her is she okay. She tells that she was looking for a phone to call the police. She worries thinking he is upset with her. He tells that he just wants to see her smiling, he doesn’t want anything else.

The goons reach there. Karan arrives to beat the goons. He asks Preeta and Rishabh to leave fast. Karan saves Rishabh from falling. Preeta and Rishabh see their Karan in Arjun. Karan tells that his hand is aching. Rishabh thanks him for saving him. He wants to hug Karan. They see a goon reaching Preeta. They run to save her. Karan bashes up the goon madly in anger. His madness reminds Preeta and Rishabh of Karan again. Preeta calls out Karan to stop him. Karan as Arjun freezes on hearing his name from her.

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