Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrival

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update Lakshmi's arrival

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrival Balwinder tells that Lakshmi and her sisters have fooled him, he will take revenge on them. He stumbles at the door. Shalu asks him to look at himself first. She tells that he can come to threaten when he stands on his feet. Rano tells Shalu that Neelam will not keep Lakshmi in the house, there are many enemies to trouble Lakshmi. She adds that Oberois have not kept Lakshmi even when she was their bahu, now when Lakshmi has no relation with them, they will not tolerate her. Shalu worries for her sister. On the other side, Rishi convinces Lakshmi and brings him home. Virender, Ayush and Ahana get happy. Ahana gets the aarti plate to welcome home. Neelam throws the plate in anger and stops Lakshmi at the door. Rishi and Lakshmi face Neelam’s wrath.

Earlier in the show, Balwinder reaches Rano in a drunken state. He shouts on Rano and asks her to get Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t at home. Shalu and Bani hide seeing him. Balwinder asks Rano why didn’t she get him married to Lakshmi after taking money from him.


Ahana asks the servant to help her decorate the aarti plate to welcome Lakshmi. Sonia hinders Ahana. Ahana tells that Lakshmi is a pure soul. She really wishes that Lakshmi gets a warm welcome in the house, Rishi should marry Lakshmi. Sonia tells that Neelam won’t let it happen. Ahana is sure that Neelam will not forget the way Malishka insulted her. Ahana hopes that Rishi and Malishka remarry. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he won’t do this mistake again, he will not cheat her. She asks him not to get adamant to take her home. He calls it a right move. He insists her to come home with him.

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrival:

Lakshmi gets hurt. Rishi cares for her. She asks Matarani is this right. Rishi tells that its right, its Matarani’s blessing which they can’t deny. He asks her is she okay now. He takes her with him. He wishes he gets strength to support Lakshmi and fulfill his every responsibility to keep her happy. Lakshmi also wishes for his happiness. She wants strength to support him. He promises to always stand by Lakshmi. He lifts her in arms, when she can’t walk on her feet. They leave from the temple. Balwinder tells Rano that he was going to give the money, but he got cheated.

She tells that he should have seen the bride’s face and confirmed. He asks her to call Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi has gone with Rishi. He asks how can she go when she is divorced. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t a small kid, she has gone by her self will. He angrily attacks her. Shalu and Bani reach there and stop Balwinder. They ask him to get lost. Rano angrily beats Balwinder. She tells that he doesn’t deserve Lakshmi at all. She bursts her anger on Balwinder. Bani tells that Rishi sat in the mandap as the groom, if Kamli didn’t sit in Lakshmi’s place, then Rishi and Lakshmi would have got married. Balwinder realizes how they all cheated him. He tells that he will take revenge on them.

They ask him to get lost. He stumbles. Shalu asks him to look at himself. She tells that she isn’t scared of him because Rishi is with Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani ask Rano is she okay. They care for Rano. Rishi and Lakshmi leave for home. Malishka sees them and gets upset. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to worry, he will fix everything for her. He asks her to just look at her when anyone tells her anything, he will protect her and not let anyone hurt her. Rano scolds Shalu and Bani for cheating her. She tells that Neha will not get married now because of them.

Shalu tells that Lakshmi isn’t a burden on her now, Rishi has taken Lakshmi with him. Rano tells that it will be fun, she will watch the drama, nobody will let enter Oberoi house, everyone is her enemy there. Shalu and Bani get worried for Lakshmi. Rishi brings Lakshmi home. The family members get to see them at the door. Karishma stops them. Rishi argues with Karishma to get an entry for Lakshmi. He tells that he got Lakshmi home. Karishma asks by what right will Lakshmi stay in the house, Rishi has divorced her. Virender tells that its Lakshmi’s Maayka now, she is his daughter.

She tells that the people will not understand their sentiments, they will make news when they know about Lakshmi living with them. Dadi tells that they never thought about the society when Karishma left her Sasural and come to her Maayka. She taunts Karishma. She doesn’t have any tension because of the world. Rishi tells that they can’t forget family by thinking of the world. Dadi asks Karishma not to talk in between. Karishma asks how can she remind her the past. She feels hurt. Rishi tells that Dadi didn’t mean that. Karishma tells that Lakshmi wants to enter the house and break their relations.

Virender asks her to end the matter. She asks Lakshmi to leave the house. Rishi tells that he won’t be able to tolerate anything against Lakshmi. He adds that it wasn’t easy to convince her, she wasn’t ready to come. He defends Lakshmi. He asks Karishma to just realize that Lakshmi isn’t a bad person. Ayush tells that its not possible, when Karishma can’t even see her own children. Ahana feels he is right. Karishma tells that Lakshmi turns her children against her. Ayush tells that Karishma will never like Lakshmi. She asks him to get back. She asks Rishi if he will remarry Lakshmi.

Rishi tells that he would have married Lakshmi if he wanted, he sat in the mandap in Balwinder’s place, he got Lakshmi home just to save her life, she has always saved his life, its his duty to protect her. He wants to make sure that nothing bad happens with her. Sonia asks him to let her do anything. He is tired of answering everyone. He tells that its decision, Lakshmi will stay with them. Dadi declares that nobody will stop Lakshmi now, Lakshmi will stay in the house. Neelam watches the drama and gets filled with anger.

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  1. neelam are you lost your mind i said you don’nt speak like that lakshmi she gets upset becouse of you neelam if you do like this plan i don’nt like it understand that what i am saying for you mailshika you doing like that with lakshmi see mailshika we should not speak like that you just shut your mouth do some work keep it with you only never ending for you wait and watch.


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