Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update Dramatic faceoff

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update Dramatic faceoff

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update Dramatic faceoff The terrorists attack the people in the hotel. They shoot whoever comes in their way. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked to see the terrorists killing the people. The terrorists swear to not lose this time, and kill whoever comes in their way. Ranbir hides somewhere and tries to find a way to escape. Prachi also rushes to find a corner to save her life. Ranbir and Prachi will come face to face in the dramatic track. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir and Prachi get too close to meet, but fate doesn’t get on their side. Ranbir hears the water sound and realizes that she is inside the washroom. She keeps the tap running and doesn’t hear his voice well. He asks her to stay alone if she wants, they can come close to their own heart when they are alone. He tells that they get hurt when they think of their loved ones, they always keep them in heart, the ones who hurt them also give them peace, they heal their wounds. He asks her name so that he can talk to her. Prachi doesn’t hear anything. He asks her not to cry. He feels sad that she is crying. Ranbir and Prachi don’t get aware of their presence. He tells that he will pray that she gets her love.


He asks her to cry as much as she wants now, but not cry later on. He tells that her tears won’t matter to the person who made her cry. He also cries while talking to her. He advises her to find happiness in little things, like he is attempting to do. He also misses his love in life. He reminisces Prachi. He tells that its hard to follow someone’s advice, but she has to move on in life, they have to find joy. He asks her to become his friend. He knocks the door and asks her to open it. All his words go unheard. Prachi closes the tap. She goes to open the door. She comes out, but Ranbir is gone by then.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update Dramatic faceoff:

Dida asks Aryan to tell her the matter. He tells that he has nothing to say, he has already told her everything he could. He asks her to look at his face, Damini is lying, she isn’t a nice girl. He tells that Damini didn’t like her so she has refused. She tells that they will know the truth soon. Vikram tells that Damini and her parents have come. Vikram asks Damini about the reason for calling off the alliance. Vikram wants to know if Aryan is at fault. Aryan doesn’t know what to say. He tells that Damini is a nice girl, and he likes her. Damini’s parents defend her.

They ask Aryan why did he refuse for the alliance. Damini tells that Aryan doesn’t want to marry her. She lies to them. She tells that she has to use the washroom. She asks Aryan’s help. Aryan unwillingly takes her. Prachi looks outside the door, but doesn’t see Ranbir. Kaya asks Ranbir where is he going. Ranbir tells that he will go and receive the doctor. Kaya asks him why is his eyes appearing red, did he also cry while consoling her friend.

He asks her not to tell her friend that he got emotional while talking to her. Prachi misses to see him. Kaya tells that her manager just left, they both are absolutely same, he went to console Prachi and he ended up crying. She tells that this was his secret, Ranbir is emotional, but she decides what to do, she breaks the limits when someone else sets it for her. Prachi feels some connection with the stranger. Aryan finds Damini acting. He calls her a liar. She tells that she wants to warn him against spoiling her image. He tells that she had put the blame on him to save herself.

He asks her why did she blame him. She tells that he wasn’t her choice. He asks who does she like. She tells that she wants someone like Ranbir, she already has a boyfriend. He asks her why is she joking, she should tell her family about her boyfriend. She tells that her family won’t accept her boyfriend, she wants some time to handle the matter. He tells that its not related to him, he won’t take the blame. She tells that she will blame him. He asks how much will she lie. She tells that she has an innocent girl’s image in her family. He jokes on her.

Khushi and Laali come to the hotel and meet Mukesh. Mukesh takes Laali with him. Laali asks Khushi to stay inside the hotel and not go anywhere. Khushi sees Ranbir and calls him out. She gets surprised. They both bond well. She tells that they will always stay together. He gets a call and rushes away. She asks him if the prediction got true, did he meet someone special. He tells that he met someone, but couldn’t see her face, that person was in pain. She asks him to make the person smile. He promises her. He makes a leave. The terrorists get into action. Kaya apologizes to Prachi for making her cry. Prachi doesn’t think its her mistake. She tells that pain doesn’t get less even if they shed tears.

Kaya understands that wounds need time to heal. She asks Prachi to accompany her, they will go out for a positive vibe. Sahana calls Prachi. She tells that she is missing Prachi a lot. She has nobody to fight with. Prachi asks her to come to her soon. She tells that she isn’t missing Sahana, because she got a nice girl Kaya. Sahana asks her not to make her jealous. She tells that Kaya might be a villain. Prachi laughs. Kaya asks who is making Prachi laugh. Prachi tells her about Sahana. Sahana doesn’t like Kaya. Prachi asks her to stop it and do her work. She tells that Sahana doesn’t believe in sharing. Kaya agrees with Sahana.

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