Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update Advait exposed

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update Advait exposed

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Update Advait exposed Nehmat catches Advait and Mallika red-handed. Advait shows some regret, but Mallika is more than happy to see Nehmat in tears. She tells Nehmat that she wanted to give back the same pain to her. She isn’t able to forget that Nehmat cheated her. She begins to humiliate Nehmat. Nehmat feels sorrowful that Mallika still misunderstands her because of Naaz. Naaz rejoices thinking of the drama, that’s taking place at the farmhouse. She knows Nehmat and Mallika will never turn into friends from now. Nehmat remembers Advait’s fake apology and regrets to give him another chance. She tells Mallika that she had no relationship with Advait before their marriage.

Nehmat adds that Mallika should have come to her and vented her frustration if she wanted, rather than indulging in an affair with Advait. She states that she is ready to end her marriage with Advait if Mallika wants to get back in his life. She just wants Mallika to clearly present her intentions before her. She asks Mallika why didn’t she keep any transparency of her thoughts and motives. Mallika rebukes her and tells that she has just given her an apt reply. Nehmat tries to explain her that they have been struck by someone’s conspiracy, they all have suffered because of one person. She doesn’t name Naaz, because of her promise.


She explains Mallika that she never wanted to marry Advait. Mallika doesn’t believe her. Nehmat and Mallika realize the same gift Advait has given them. Nehmat tells Mallika that she had no expectations from Advait, because he had cheated her before as well. She tells Mallika that she doesn’t want to trust Advait, but had to keep the marriage for the sake of the family. She feels at fault that she had kept hopes from Advait. She ends ties with Advait. She asks Mallika to keep Advait. She tells that she will not support Advait from now. Advait grows tensed and yells at Mallika for ruining his life.

He puts the entire blame on Mallika in an attempt to stop Nehmat from leaving him. He tells that Nehmat is really essential for him. He adds that he needs Nehmat for his politics. Nehmat asks Mallika to see Advait’s selfish and disgusting side. She tells that she will not keep any terms with Advait for anyone’s sake. Advait apologizes to her and tells that he was just helping Mallika deal with her pain. Nehmat advises them to get married. She is thankful that they both started an affair, which has ended her guilt. Mallika asks Nehmat not to pity her. She also refuses to accept Advait. They both get into a catfight.

Advait is fed up that they are bringing a loss for him. Mallika calls them fraud and accuses them. Ekam is still worried for Nehmat, since he doesn’t have any faith on Advait. He shares his tension with Harleen and also apologizes for hurting her sentiments. He doesn’t want to be insensitive towards Harleen. He tells that he just wants to be sure of Nehmat’s happiness. Harleen understands him. Advait stops Nehmat from leaving, and admits that he was just taking revenge on Mallika to settle scores with Ekam. He tells that Ekam had exposed his affair in front of his family, so this was his way to hurt Ekam. He was just using Mallika, he admits. Nehmat goes mad on hearing this, and slaps him hard on his face.

Harleen understands Ekam’s love for Nehmat. She tells that she will not force him to forget Nehmat, it won’t be possible for him. She doesn’t want him to feel guilty. She shows her support and he gets grateful to her. Advait vents anger on Nehmat over his messed-up life. Nehmat tells that he can’t play with her life. She calls their marriage over. Advait doesn’t want to release her. Nehmat and Advait get into a scuffle. Nehmat gets severely hurt and collapses. Advait grows worried when their scuffle results in fire ignition around him. He sees Nehmat lying in the midst of the blaze. Ekam feels Nehmat isn’t okay.

Harleen senses his tension and comforts him. She tells that she will take him to Nehmat for his mental peace. He gets touched by her gesture. Ekam wishes Nehmat is fine. Harleen feels Nehmat is really lucky to get Ekam’s love. She doesn’t get jealous and appears supportive. They rush to the farmhouse, where Advait and Nehmat are caught up in fire.

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