Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Attack twist

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Attack twist

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Attack twist Mukesh welcomes Khushi and Laali to the hotel. Laali travels with Mukesh. Khushi is instructed by Laali to remain inside the hotel and not leave. When Khushi notices Ranbir, she confronts him. She is startled. They get on great together. She promises that they will remain together forever. He runs off after receiving a call. She inquires as to if the prophecy came true and whether he met someone wonderful. He claims to have encountered a person who was in anguish but whose face he was unable to see. She requests that he make the person laugh. He assures her. He moves away. The terrorists start to move. Kaya expresses regret to Prachi for causing her to cry. Prachi doesn’t believe it was her fault.

Kaya is aware that wounds take time to mend. She invites Prachi to go with her, and they will go out for a good time. Sahana dials Prachi. She expresses how much Prachi is missed. She lacks a combat partner. Prachi requests that she visit her soon. She claims that she doesn’t miss Sahana because she has Kaya, a nice girl. She is urged not to enrage Sahana. She claims Kaya might be a real villain. Prachi chuckles. Who is making Prachi laugh, Kaya wonders. She learns about Sahana from Prachi. Kaya is unpopular with Sahana. Prachi requests that she pause and complete her assignment. She reveals that Sahana doesn’t think sharing is a good idea. Sahana and Kaya concur. Next in the track is the attack twist in the hotel when the terrorists take charge and start shooting madly to kill the people. Prachi and Ranbir will meet in the most dramatic way. Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update Attack twist:

Prachi tells Kaya about Sahana’s jealousy. Kaya tells that she also agrees with Sahana’s thinking. Prachi goes out with Kaya. Pallavi asks Aryan and Damini is everything fine. Damini tells that everything got clear between Aryan and her. Pallavi asks Aryan is everything clear. Aryan also confirms that things are good. Pallavi asks him is he ready to marry Damini. Aryan agrees to marry. Damini asks what is he saying. He tells that he has no reason to refuse, since everything is clear. Pallavi congratulates them. Aryan tells Damini that game is on. Kaya looks for Prachi, who goes to the banquet hall on seeing the decorations. She gets reminded of Ranbir. They share a romantic moment.

She gets into Ranbir’s sweet memories. She misses Ranbir. Kaya reaches her and finds her in an emotional dilemma. Laali collides with Prachi. Prachi apologizes to her. Laali rebukes her. Kaya tells that its not Prachi’s mistake. She asks Laali to apologize. She pays her money and asks her to remember her poverty status. Prachi asks Kaya what is she doing. Laali thanks Kaya and picks the flowers. Kaya asks Prachi to remember the life’s biggest lesson, money is the biggest power, one who has this power can do anything. Prachi doesn’t believe so.

Kaya asks her to believe it. She tells that Prachi shouldn’t bow down, else the world will make her a floor mat. She asks Prachi to find the person who wronged her life and punish him. She shows her bitter take on life. Prachi helps Minty in her work. Ranbir comes across the terrorists gang, when he goes to receive the doctor for Kaya’s aid.

The terrorists get the command from their chief. They begin the shootout. Prachi gets worried for Kaya. Ranbir and the doctor hear the gunshot and find the people running for their saves. Ranbir asks what’s happening. He learns about the terror attack. He asks the doctor to enter the hotel room and stay inside until he comes. He safeguards the doctor. Aryan wants Damini to tell the truth to her parents. The families are happy for them. Damini asks Aryan why did he agree for the marriage when he knows she has a boyfriend.

He tells that he can’t let her make him a villain in front of his family, she can’t appear sweet and put the blame on him. He asks her to see what he does next. He feeds her the sweets. Damini’s parents tell that they will find the marriage mahurat. Aryan agrees to their decision. He takes blessings from the family members. Aryan gets worried and calls up Ranbir to find a solution. Ranbir finds the terrorists killing innocent people. He hides to save his life. The doctor is still in the corridor. Ranbir asks him why did he come downstairs. Doctor tells that he wants to go out.

Ranbir tells that its too late, he can’t leave. Doctor gets scared seeing the person dying in front of him. He wants to talk to the terrorists and request them. Ranbir tells that the terrorists are blind shooting, they won’t listen to anyone. Doctor asks him to take him to Kaya’s room. Ranbir tells that once they get help, they will get saved. He recollects Khushi. He tells the doctor that he has to save a little girl. He apologizes and asks the doctor to go alone. Prachi tells Minty that it’s a terrorists’ attack. She asks Minty to hide. Ranbir reaches there and speaks to Minty. The terrorists throw bombs to explode the place. Ranbir is still worried for Khushi. Prachi tries to locate Kaya.

Kaya also gets surrounded by the terrorists. A man alerts her and asks her to run to save her life. Kaya goes with the receptionist and hides. A lady helps Khushi and tries to secure her. Khushi refuses to move. She waits for Laali and cries. The lady tells Ranbir that Khushi isn’t moving. Ranbir tries to pacify Khushi and take her. He asks her not to get scared, he will not let anything happen to her. She tells that Laali will get angry if she leaves from here. He tells that he will speak to her mom. He secures her before the terrorists reach there and kill people. She screams. The terrorist hears her cry and locates her.

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