YRKKH 6th February 2023 Update Akshara returns

YRKKH 6th February 2023 Update Akshara returns

YRKKH 6th February 2023 Update Akshara returns Kairav and Abhimanyu get into a heated argument. Kairav tells that Abhimanyu’s entire family comprises of liars. He tells that they lied to him about Aarohi’s condition. Abhimanyu asks him to let the doctors do their work, else Aarohi’s condition won’t get better. Kairav doesn’t want Abhimanyu to do any treatment. He shouts that it’s a scam. He doesn’t have any faith on Abhimanyu and his family. Abhimanyu asks him to stop his nonsense. Kairav clears that he doesn’t trust him. Abhimanyu praises himself as a doctor. He tells that he will not let Kairav take Aarohi away. He adds that he is Aarohi’s family. Kairav doesn’t think so.

He questions Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s relationship. Abhimanyu asks him to just let him treat Aarohi. Ruhi stops them from fighting. She learns about Aarohi’s accident. She realizes the tension between the elders. Ruhi falls sick. Abhimanyu gets worried for Ruhi. He wants to ease her in handling the situation. He contacts Abhinav and informs about Ruhi’s sickness. He tells that Ruhi didn’t eat anything since yesterday, she is worried for her mom, who met with an accident.


He requests Abhinav to send the jam prepared by Akshara, because Ruhi really liked it. He hopes that once he arranges the jam, Ruhi will have the breakfast. He adds that Aarohi is admitted in the hospital. Akshara gets to hear this. She grows worried for Aarohi. Abhinav pacifies Akshara. She shares her dilemma with him. She tells that Aarohi is unwell. She can’t stay away from her blood ties. She tells that she broke one relation, that’s with Abhimanyu. She doesn’t want her other relations to suffer. She ponders if she should visit Aarohi. Abhinav supports Akshara’s decision.

Reviewed Rating for YRKKH 6th February 2023 Update Akshara returns: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section.


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