BALH 6th February 2023 Update End of Ram Priya

BALH 6th February 2023 Update End of Ram Priya

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BALH 6th February 2023 Update End of Ram Priya Swati confesses to Lakhan that Priya saved him from the jail. She tells that Priya supported them, only she can unite Lakhan with his love Avni. She asks Lakhan to realize Ram and Priya’s worth. Priya lectures Nandini. She tells that Ram can never hate Nandini, he is such a good son, but Nandini couldn’t value him. She asks Nandini is she surprised to think of it. She tells that Nandini can ruin her life, because she deserves to regret her deeds. Nandini tells that Priya will regret for attempting to unite Swati and her family.

She asks Priya to get ready to lose her everything. Priya isn’t scared of her. She asks Nandini what would she do, will she threaten her or send her to the jail. She asks her to have fear of losing it all. Nandini tells that she will send Ram to the jail. Priya realizes that Nandini threatened Swati in this manner. Nandini confesses that Swati stays silent all these years just to save Ram from jail. She tells that Swati fell in Ram’s eyes and left from his life, just to save his future. She asks Priya to shut up if she wants the same. She warns Priya of framing Ram in a murder blame.

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Ram is moved to know Nandini’s crime. He asks Nandini to elaborate her evil plan. He doesn’t think she can do any harm to him and his family. He is ready to face anything until Priya is with him. Ram and Priya face a big trouble because of Nandini. They ask Nandini to stop threatening them and call the police. On the other hand, Sid gets mad at Priya for supporting Swati and Lakhan. He doesn’t want to lose Avni. He hires few goons to get Priya killed. Shubham tells that Ram will die on his own once Priya dies. Sid prepares to kill Priya. Ram and Priya will be dying in the pre-leap twist.

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