Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update Ekam suspects Advait

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update Ekam suspects Advait

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update Ekam suspects Advait Advait worriedly takes Nehmat to the hospital. He makes sure that he appears as a savior for Nehmat. He pretends heroic after staining his clothes intentionally. Ekam and Harleen reach the farmhouse, while Advait rushes her in an ambulance. Ekam doesn’t see Nehmat. Advait takes Nehmat to the hospital. Ekam finds the fire extinguishers at the farmhouse. He learns about the fire incident. The servant informs that Nehmat is in danger. Ekam gets worried for her. The family members learn of Nehmat’s accident and reach the hospital. Shamsher sees the media there. He doesn’t want the fake pregnancy news to come out.

He asks Neeru to not say anything. Naaz plans to expose Nehmat. Shamsher asks the doctor to treat Nehmat and save her, elections are ahead, she had done a lot of hardwork for the elections. Doctor asks them to wait for the reports. He takes the doctor to bribe him and hide the fake pregnancy news. Naaz calls Mallika to inform about Nehmat. Mallika doesn’t take the call. she is stressed up. Shamsher stops Rupy and Satti from seeing Nehmat. Advait stays with Nehmat. Shamsher calls him up and asks him to show Nehmat on video call to Rupy and Satti. Advait tells that Nehmat is okay now.


He shows Nehmat and also his stained clothes for them to know how he saved Nehmat. Nehmat gets the people’s sympathy after the accident. Mallika stops Renuka from watching the news channel. She fears that Nehmat will expose her affair in the media. Doctor tells Advait that Nehmat will get conscious soon. Advait is afraid that Nehmat will shock him after gaining consciousness. Shamsher asks Advait to speak to the media about Nehmat. Ekam reaches the hospital and asks for Nehmat. He catches hold of Advait and accuses him for troubling Nehmat. Advait acts innocent. Ekam wants to know what happened between Advait and Nehmat.

He tells that he had dropped Nehmat at the farmhouse. He demands the truth. Advait attempts to save his reputation. He hides the truth and tells that he planned a holiday with Nehmat at the farmhouse, the fire caught up accidentally. Ekam doesn’t believe his story. He asks him to speak up the truth. Shamsher intervenes to save his son. He tells that Ekam is doing his duty well, but he should control the media now, who wants to know about Nehmat. He corners Advait and asks him to finish talking to the media soon, then they have to meet the doctor as well. Ekam suspects Advait’s involvement in the accident.

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