Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2023 Written Update Panicking Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2023 Written Update Panicking Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2023 Written Update Panicking Rishi Shalu tells Bani that Rishi loves Lakshmi a lot. Bani tells that Lakshmi can’t live without Rishi, they are made for each other. Lakshmi leaves the Oberoi house and walks on the road, thinking that she didn’t even inform her sisters before leaving the house. She wants to go away forever. She reaches a temple and prays that she stays away from Rishi, which is better for both of them. Rishi gets a nightmare and wakes up. He is concerned for Lakshmi’s safety. He goes to check her in the guest room. He finds a letter left by her. He learns that she has gone away from him. Lakshmi falls in trouble when some goons catch her at gun point. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi asks Malishka to remember that he got Lakshmi home, she should behave well with Lakshmi. He wants her trust. She tells that she trusts him, but not Lakshmi. She asks what did he do that she trusts him. He tells that he made her wear the ring back. She questions him if he has done anything to earn her trust. She leaves him pondering. Lakshmi is worried for Neelam. She feels guilty that she is snatching the house’s peace and happiness. She thinks to leave.


Kiran and Sonal meet Malishka. She asks them to explain Rishi. She tells that there is no use, Lakshmi isn’t leaving from their lives. She hates Lakshmi. Lakshmi doesn’t want Rishi to find her. She leaves a letter for him. Rishi feels bad that Lakshmi for insulted in his family. He thinks to go and talk to her. She keeps the pillows in her place to fool Rishi. She wants to go away from them. Rishi doesn’t think he should take risk and upset Lakshmi. He wants her to make a new start. She tells that she has no money to make a new start. She doesn’t want to ask for money. He tells that he has to find a suitable guy for Lakshmi. He feels sorry that he couldn’t become a good husband for her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th February 2023 Written Update Panicking Rishi:

Shalu and Bani get restless during sleep. They miss Lakshmi. Bani tells that Rano has made them worry for Lakshmi. She doesn’t think Oberois will kick out Lakshmi. Shalu tells that Rishi will always stay with Lakshmi. Bani tells that they both are meant for each other. Shalu tells that this is their way to love each other. Lakshmi goes to take Ayush’s help. She finds Ayush sleeping. She takes some money from his wallet. She finds him smiling and wishes he always stays happy. She tells that he always supports her. She feels sorry to take the money without his permission.

She is glad that he is helping her even this time. She makes a leave. Shalu blushes while talking of Ayush. Bani teases her. Shalu tells that she gets courage because of Ayush, who always supports Lakshmi. Lakshmi feels sorry to come home and hurt everyone’s heart. She reaches a temple. She prays for Rishi. She tells that he is hurt because of her. She just wants his happiness. She wants to stay away from him. She tells that Rishi loves his family a lot, but everyone is hurt because of her. She wishes for everyone’s well-being. She comes across a man, who runs to save his life. She witnesses the goons shooting the man. She screams in fear. Rishi wakes up in worried state and thinks of Lakshmi.

She gets caught by the goons. They threaten her. Rishi thinks Lakshmi is sleeping. He stops there. Lakshmi begs for her life. Police comes there in time. She runs to save her life. Rishi checks the pillows in Lakshmi’s place. He misses her note. He wonders where did she go. The note gets stuck to his slipper’s sole. He goes and wakes up Ayush. He tells that Lakshmi has left the house. Ayush asks where did she go and how. Rishi tells that she isn’t at home. Ayush tells that they will find her. He asks Rishi about the note. Rishi gets to read Lakshmi’s note. He tells that Lakshmi has run away, when he fought the family for her. He wants to find her and get her back. Ayush calls Lakshmi.

Rishi tells that she left her phone in the guestroom. He wants to find her anyway. Ayush likes a confident Rishi. The goons look for Lakshmi. Rishi and Ayush ask the guard about Lakshmi. Rishi asks him to call Shalu and ask her if Lakshmi has come. Ayush calls Shalu. Bani wakes up Shalu and asks her to answer Ayush’s call. Shalu asks Ayush is he okay, why did he call. Ayush asks if Lakshmi has come there. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t at home. She wants to go and find Lakshmi. Bani also wants to come. Shalu asks her to stay back. Rishi and Ayush think if Lakshmi has gone back to her village. Rishi asks Ayush to go and pick Shalu. He rushes to find Lakshmi. Lakshmi hides in a beggar’s place to save her life. The goons reach there. She prays that she doesn’t get caught.

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