Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Fate calls Khushi is shielded from the terrorists by Ranbir. Prachi requests that everyone remain in place while she goes to the front desk to retrieve the master key. The mother claims that Prachi is in charge of saving her child’s life. Trust Prachi; nothing bad will happen to anyone, she assures her. She leaves. Khushi is told not to be alarmed and to keep calm by Ranbir. The assailant reaches over and attempts to slam the door. Khushi is asked by Ranbir to be quiet. She apologises once more. She experiences fear. He promises to protect her. He exhorts her to confront her fear. Inside the cabinet, he conceals her. From the window, he runs away. The terrorist fires a shot at him, but it is not successful. Ranbir steps out of the space. Seeing Prachi, he goes to attack her. 

He drops a bomb there to put them to death. Prachi is visible to Ranbir from behind. Additionally, he witnesses the explosive rolling downstairs. Unaware that it is Prachi, Ranbir rushes to help her. Before the bomb goes off, he pushes her aside. Both of them collapse. People leave the hotel in a group. Prachi and Ranbir ascend. To save Khushi and Kaya, they take different paths. Prachi wants to express her gratitude for saving her. The wealthy family will be the target of the terrorists. The chief requests that they kidnap a wealthy man. He gives them instructions on how to secure victory. How will Ranbir and Prachi overcome this deadly mess and also save Khushi’s life? Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Pranbir:

Prachi asks the people to trust her, nothing will happen to anyone. She takes them to the hotel room. She tells that everything will get okay. She realizes that someone has saved her life, else she could have died in the blast. She calls him an angel. She asks them to just save their lives by hiding anywhere if they come across any terrorist. She takes them towards the exit. Prachi and Kaya see each other. Prachi tells Kaya that she is helping the people. Kaya asks her to go. She doesn’t want to go, by leaving Ranbir inside. She tells that Ranbir is emotional types, he is really sweet.

She adds that she can give her life and take a life for someone she finds dear. Prachi asks her to take care. The news reporters cover the terrorists’ attack news. Vikram asks Aryan for the TV remote. Pallavi asks Aryan to find the remote and hand it over to Vikram. Aryan finds the remote. Vikram plays the news. Kohlis get to see the news. Pallavi is in shock and tells that Ranbir had gone to the same hotel. Vikram and Aryan panic on hearing this. Vikram asks Pallavi to have water. She asks for her Ranbir. Prachi reaches the same room where Ranbir is hiding with Khushi. They hide from the terrorist. Prachi goes away before Ranbir sees her. Ranbir calls Khushi brave and feels proud of her. She is glad to defeat the fear.

The media tells about the terrorists attack, they are targeting industrialist Yashvardhan. The terrorist tells that if he kidnap Yashvardhan, then they will become very rich. Prachi asks the people not to make noise. The lady thanks Prachi for saving her. She feels Prachi is a good mother. Prachi tells that her daughter is upset with her, she isn’t with her The lady says she will come to you and hug you, she will give you much love. Prachi gets emotional thinking of Panchi.

Inspector asks the media to step back. The girl says you have not controlled the attack. Inspector argues with them. The reporters ask for some proof. Kaya’s doctor gets scared when someone enters the room. Ranbir brings Khushi there. He says we can save here, where is Kaya. Doctor says Kaya isn’t here. Doctor says Kaya pulls negative things towards her. Ranbir wonders where is Kay and her friend. Ranbir finds a way to wipe off Khushi’s fear.

He asks her to take care. He asks doctor to look after Khushi. He goes to find Kaya. Inspector checks the hotel map. He tells that the terrorists shouldn’t know about Yashvardhan. Pallavi and Vikram reach there with Aryan. She wants to know about Ranbir. Inspector makes them leave. Terrorists get to see Yashvardhan and his family. They watch Yashvardhan on he cctv footage. Ranbir meets the bride’s family. He apologizes to Yashvardhan. He tells that they will make some plan to leave from the hotel. Terrorists plan to nab Ranbir because he can be of use to them.

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