Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Karan attacked

Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Karan attacked

Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update Karan attacked Karan gets emotional seeing Preeta. Their marriage gets postponed because of the troubling goons. Karan awaits his union with Preeta. Anjali attacks Preeta to hinder the marriage. Karan gets hurt. Preeta attends Karan. He tries to confess his feelings of love to her. Preeta asks him not to exert himself, because she is already aware of his feelings. She tells that she knows he loves her. Anjali doesn’t want to lose Arjun by getting her truth revealed. Mahesh and Kareena catch one of the goon and ask him about the person who released the goons. Anjali fears that she will get caught. She tries to cover up. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, A auto rickshaw driver gets to see Anjali’s madness, when she hurts herself even more. Anjali goes back into the house. She wonders how Arjun didn’t get bored of Preeta, he has fallen in love with Preeta once again. She wants Arjun to leave Preeta. She realizes that even she can’t control her feelings for Arjun. Prithvi and Shambu come back to spread their terror. Prithvi catches Rakhi at gun point once again. Shambu asks his goons to loot the jewellery. Karan asks them what are they doing.


Prithvi tells that Rakhi fooled them, but they have found a way to free themselves, they are professional goons and they can outsmart anyone. He tells that he will not leave Rakhi, who wasted his precious time. He threatens of killing Rakhi. Karan bashes him and asks how dare he point the gun at his mother. Luthras get into a fight with the goons once again. Anjali goes to a corner and aims at Preeta. She wants to kill Preeta. Rishabh and Karan boldly fight the goons. Anjali doesn’t want Preeta to snatch Arjun from her. She tells that Arjun is just of her. She can’t lose Arjun to anyone else.

Prithvi runs to Anjali to get the gun from her hand for his purpose. Karan and Rishabh bash the goons until Prithvi threatens Rakhi. Prithvi shoots at Rakhi to take revenge. Karan comes in front of Rakhi and gets shot. The family members are shocked to see this. Anjali didn’t imagine this would happen. Karan sacrifices his life for Rakhi. Rishabh, Sameer and entire family attend Karan. Prithvi and Shambu hide from Luthras and run away. Prithvi tries to find the way to the basement. Rishabh and Preeta take care of Karan. Preeta does the aid to Karan. He tells that he feels he will lose his life, he wants to tell her something. She asks him to take rest. He asks her to look into his yes. She tells that she knows he loves her.

She goes to get medicines for him. Mahesh and Kareena tie up the goons. Anjali doesn’t want anyone to name her. She wonders what to do to save herself. She goes to the goon and asks him not to take her name, only then she will help them escape. Mahesh beats the goon. He asks how did the goons go out. Sameer and Kritika check the mandap decorations. She asks him to assist her. A man comes and asks for Arjun. Sameer tries to find out the matter. He takes the man to Arjun. Prithvi tells that it’s a promise, he will take Shambu out of the house safely. Shambu gets desperate.

Prithvi asks him to take a deep breathe. Sameer runs to take care of Arjun. He asks him why did he get up. Karan tells that its his wish. He asks Sameer to behave well with him. Sameer tells that he cares for his wound. He asks Arjun not to anger him. Once Sameer leaves, the man gives the documents to Karan. Karan thanks him for getting the work done. Kritika asks the police the reason for the late arrival. Inspector tells that Priyanka distracted him.

She tells that she doesn’t know Priyanka. She asks him to come and arrest the goons. Preeta goes to the basement to get the painkillers box. She revives the bitter memories. Preeta checks the room and finds it locked. Prithvi and Shambu hide from her. Karan reaches Preeta. She asks him is he okay. He tells that he is better. She tells that she came to get medicines for him. He tells that he had come to give her the legal documents, he had promised her, he has transferred Luthra mansion and his business to Preeta. He tells that she has turned more rich, he will be marrying a rich girl.

He asks her to inform this to Shrishti also. He asks Preeta to come for their wedding. She tells that she will get medicines for him. Karan helps her. Mahesh wants to know who has helped the goons. The goons hide Anjali’s name. Rishabh asks Mahesh did the goons say anything. Mahesh tells that they aren’t admitting the truth. The police arrests the goons. Inspector asks them to continue the wedding. He assures that he will not let any hindrance occur again. Anjali doesn’t want to fall in Arjun’s sight, if her truth gets known.

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