Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2023 Written Update New Peril

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2023 Written Update New Peril

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2023 Written Update New Peril Lakshmi gets caught by the goons. Rishi looks for her. He finally gets to see Lakshmi in trouble. He follows Lakshmi to save her. Rishi reaches the goons’ place where they have kept Lakshmi captive. Goon asks him who is he. Rishi introduces himself as the heir. Goon asks him who is he for Lakshmi. Rishi answers that he is more close than family, he has heart to heart connection with her. Lakshmi looks at him. Balwinder tells that Lakshmi has cheated him, he will take revenge on her, he will make a new plan and won’t let his plan fail this time. Ayush meets Shalu and they both are worried for Lakshmi. Shalu runs and hugs Ayush. Ayush turns happy and realizes that even Shalu loves him.

Earlier in the show, Rishi tells that she left her phone in the guestroom. He wants to find her anyway. Ayush likes a confident Rishi. The goons look for Lakshmi. Rishi and Ayush ask the guard about Lakshmi. Rishi asks him to call Shalu and ask her if Lakshmi has come. Ayush calls Shalu. Bani wakes up Shalu and asks her to answer Ayush’s call. Shalu asks Ayush is he okay, why did he call. Ayush asks if Lakshmi has come there. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t at home. She wants to go and find Lakshmi. Bani also wants to come. Shalu asks her to stay back. Rishi and Ayush think if Lakshmi has gone back to her village. Rishi asks Ayush to go and pick Shalu. He rushes to find Lakshmi. Lakshmi hides in a beggar’s place to save her life. The goons reach there. She prays that she doesn’t get caught.


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2023 Written Update New Peril

The goons pay the money to the lady and asks her if she has seen Lakshmi. The lady lies to them and sends them in a wrong direction. The goons leave. The lady asks Lakshmi to come out, the goons have left. Lakshmi thanks her for helping her. The lady tells that she was helpless to take the money, but its her duty to save a girl. She tells that she has learnt this from Lakshmi. She reminds Lakshmi of their first meet. Lakshmi helped the lady in the past. The lady tells that she can never forget Lakshmi’s kindness and her teaching. Lakshmi calls her a nice person to remember her words and help her. She tells that she is helpless to leave her house. Ayush and Shalu look for Lakshmi. They argue like always.

She asks why didn’t he look after Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi left a note for Rishi. She wonders how did she leave the house. She tells that she will scold Lakshmi when they find her. He asks her to not say that to his Bhabhi. She tells that she is her sister first. Lakshmi runs to save her life. The goons worry that they have seen her face and she may land them in the jail. They run after Lakshmi. Rishi and Ayush don’t find Lakshmi. They go ahead towards the railway station.

The goons tie up Lakshmi and take her to their van. They call up their boss and tell him that a girl has witnessed their crime. The boss scolds them for not doing the work well. He instructs them to kill Lakshmi at the suitable instant. Rishi gets to see Lakshmi’s kidnapping. He informs Ayush as well. They rush to save Lakshmi. Bani stays worried for her sisters. The goons bring Lakshmi to their place and tie her up. She worries that nobody knows about this threat on her.

Rishi asks Ayush to be with Shalu and protect her. He decides to go inside and check first. Rishi and Shalu beat Ayush with affection. Lakshmi struggles to get free. The goon asks Lakshmi was she alone, or was there anyone with her. She tells that she was alone. Rishi looks inside the window and sees Lakshmi captive. She sees Rishi. He assures her that he will save her. She gets relieved, but thinks how did he come here. Shalu asks Ayush if they can save Lakshmi. He jokes that he will try to find out their future. He stops her from beating him. They both have a cute banter.

He apologizes to her. He tells her that Lakshmi will be safe. Rishi tells them that Lakshmi is captive, there are three goons and they have guns with them. He makes a plan to attack the goons. Shalu tells that she will also fight the goons. Rishi shares his plan. He goes to enter the godown. The goons try to see who is trying to intrude. Lakshmi fears for Rishi’s life. Ayush and Shalu quarrel a lot. The goons hear them and go out to see. They see them fighting and laugh. Ayush challenges Shalu and hugs her. The goon asks them to shut up. Rishi shuts the door and faces the goon. He tells that he is Lakshmi’s hero. He asks why did he catch Lakshmi. The goon asks who is he. Rishi tells that Lakshmi and he have a heart to heart connection, he is really close to her.

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