Udaariyaan 8th February 2023 Written Update Ekam's search

Udaariyaan 8th February 2023 Written Update Ekam’s search

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Udaariyaan 8th February 2023 Written Update Ekam’s search Ekam gets upset seeing the false news about Nehmat. He tells Renuka that someone has conspired against Nehmat. Ekam is sure that some third person was present at the farmhouse, and maybe that person is behind the fire incident. He tells that Nehmat was shifted overnight. Mallika asks him not to interfere in between. Ekam wants her to understand. Harleen reminds that Ekam is also a police officer, he is worried for Nehmat. She asks Renuka to think of Ekam, he can risk his life for a stranger, he can do anything for Nehmat, he was in love with Nehmat.

She supports Ekam. She encourages him to do whatever his heart wills. Ekam investigates the matter. He begins his search for Nehmat. He meets Sandhus and asks them if they spoke to Nehmat. Sandhus aren’t in touch with Nehmat. They are relieved that she is with her husband. Ekam can’t explain them the reason for his worry. He asks Rupy to call Nehmat and Advait. Rupy attempts to call. He tells that their phones are switched off. Ekam tells that he feels something is wrong with Nehmat. Rupy asks him not to worry, Advait is Nehmat’s husband, he will take care of her. Ekam rages and gets his hand burnt by the hot tea.

Satti asks him is he okay. She understands his concern for Nehmat. Rupy tells that Shamsher has already told them about Nehmat. Ekam tells that they will visit Kapoor mansion and meet them, they will ask Shamsher to make them speak to Nehmat. Rupy asks Ekam not to accompany them. He doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand Nehmat. Rama gets the food for Advait. He is frustrated that he is caught in the room because of Nehmat. Shamsher blames him for all the mistakes he did by risking his political position. Advait asks his plan.

Shamsher tells that Nehmat has to stay unconscious until the elections get over. Advait apologizes to him. He finds Sandhus coming home. He tells Shamsher that Sandhus have come. Ekam stays outside the house. Shamsher and Rama rush to cover. Satti asks Naaz about Nehmat. Naaz has no idea. Nikhil tells that just Shamsher and Rama know about Nehmat. Rupy asks Shamsher to make them meet Nehmat once. Shamsher lies to them that Advait and Nehmat are okay, they are sharing their pain and taking care of each other.

Rupy tells that they understand his concern for Nehmat, but they are also too worried, they want to talk to her once. Advait wants to find out why didn’t they leave till now. He messages Shamsher to ask if Sandhus are suspecting anything wrong. Shamsher tells Rupy that he will make them talk to Advait. He asks Advait to make Rupy and Satti talk to Nehmat on call. Advait lies that Nehmat is busy in meditation. He tries to convince Rupy and Satti. Nehmat gains consciousness. She sees Advait. She throws a tray down. Advait catches Nehmat and shuts her mouth before she could scream. Rupy asks him to make them talk to Nehmat once.

Nehmat hears Rupy and Satti on call, and cries. She wants to meet them. She shouts. Advait slaps her in anger. Shamsher asks Rupy and Satti to stay assured that Nehmat is okay. Ekam feels Nehmat is around, she isn’t okay. Advait asks the nurse to inject Nehmat. He gets Nehmat under control. Rama asks Satti to pray for Nehmat’s recovery. Shamsher asks Rupy to go home without any worry or doubt. Rupy and Satti go out to Ekam and tell him that Nehmat is okay. Ekam knows Advait is really mean and he can do anything for his purpose. He wants to find out Nehmat and protect her from Advait. Advait doesn’t show any mercy towards Nehmat.

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