Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2023 Written Update Rishi's reply

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2023 Written Update Rishi’s reply

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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2023 Written Update Rishi’s reply Rishi tells the goon that he has come, so he shall take Lakshmi with him. He fights the goon bravely before making a leave with Lakshmi. Ayush and Rishi bring Lakshmi home. Karishma isn’t pleased to see lakshmi’s face. She asks Rishi why did he get Lakshmi back when she left by her own wish. He tells that it was really necessary to find Lakshmi, she will not go anywhere, he will not let her go. He decides that Lakshmi will stay in a room close to his room. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her along, after declaring his decision in front of the family. Virender and Dadi are really happy to see Rishi’s firm stand for Lakshmi. Neelam witnesses Rishi and Karishma’s argument, and feels distressed.

Lakshmi asks Rishi why did he speak to Karishma in that manner, anyone would misunderstand his intentions and question him. She tells that everyone will misunderstand them. Rishi asks what will they think, that he wants to come close to her and win her over. He asks Lakshmi does she have any problem if he really wants to win her love and marry her. Lakshmi is stunned by his reply.

Earlier in the show, Ayush apologizes to Shalu. He tells her that Lakshmi will be safe. Rishi tells them that Lakshmi is captive, there are three goons and they have guns with them. He makes a plan to attack the goons. Shalu tells that she will also fight the goons. Rishi shares his plan. He goes to enter the godown. The goons try to see who is trying to intrude. Lakshmi fears for Rishi’s life. Ayush and Shalu quarrel a lot. The goons hear them and go out to see. They see them fighting and laugh. Ayush challenges Shalu and hugs her. The goon asks them to shut up. Rishi shuts the door and faces the goon. He tells that he is Lakshmi’s hero. He asks why did he catch Lakshmi. The goon asks who is he. Rishi tells that Lakshmi and he have a heart to heart connection, he is really close to her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2023 Written Update Rishi’s reply:

Rishi describes his true emotions for Lakshmi. He tells that he doesn’t know his relation with Lakshmi, but a relation exists. Ayush and Shalu play a drama and fool the goons. He starts overacting and praises the goons’ style. Shalu asks Ayush to praise her style. The goons get enough of their banter. They ask who are they, from where did they come. Shalu tells that they lost the way and got into a fight. Ayush tells that they love each other, their love is mindblowing. The goons call them mad and asks them to leave. Ayush and Shalu attack the goons.

The goon asks Rishi to leave. Rishi tells that he has come to take Lakshmi. The goon threatens of killing him. Rishi asks him to shoot. Ayush tells that they will tie the goons. Shalu tells that they don’t have any rope. Ayush tells that they will tie the goons by their own drapes. He tells Shalu that the goons can’t do anything. He acts heroic. Rishi fights the goon. Shalu waits for Rishi. Ayush asks her not to worry, Rishi will tackle the goon. The goons attack Ayush. Shalu asks them to leave him. Ayush asks her to wait for Rishi. The goons beat up Ayush. Rishi frees Lakshmi from the ropes.

She asks him why did he come to risk his life. He asks her not to say anything. He wants to know why did she run away from their house. He questions her. She tells that she didn’t tell him because he would have not allowed her to escape. He tells that she will take her home and cage him. They see Shalu and Ayush caught. Rishi picks a gun. The goon tells that they have to kill Lakshmi. Rishi asks the reason for it. The goon tells that she has seen them murdering someone. He asks who is Rishi, is he her husband or lover. Rishi tells that he doesn’t know it either. Goon asks him not to fool them. He asks for the gun.

Rishi gives the gun to him. Goon tells that they both would be lovers, so he had risked his life for her. Rishi tells that he loves someone else, he would marry his love. Goon asks him not to lie, and die right away. Lakshmi begs them to spare their lives. Goon tells that he will kill Ayush and Shalu first. Ayush tells that he was just joking. Goon tells that he will call the boss first and ask him. He calls the boss and tells that three people have come to kill the girl. The boss asks him to kill everyone in the auspicious time. The goons get glad. Rishi signals Ayush. Rishi and Ayush fight the goons.

They get safe and leave. Lakshmi yells at them for risking their lives. Rishi tells that she is responsible for this. He asks why did she run away from the house. She tells that she will decide for her life. He tells that she would have died if he didn’t come to find her. She asks him why did he go to her room at night. He tells that he was worried for her, he felt something wrong will happen with her, he was right. Shalu asks them to just rush. Ayush tells that he is with them. She calls him a big problem. They leave for home. Goons worry that the boss will kill them.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to hold him tight while he races the bike. Rishi brings Lakshmi home. Dadi asks them where did they go. Neelam asks is everything okay. Rishi tells that Lakshmi had left the house, so he had to go and get her. Karishma asks why did he get her back. Rishi tells that he will not let Lakshmi go anywhere. He gets into an argument with Karishma. He tells that he will shift Lakshmi from the guest room. He wants Lakshmi to stay close to him. Bani wants to call Shalu and find out about Lakshmi. Rishi tells that he is scared and doesn’t want Lakshmi to repeat her mistake.

He clears that Lakshmi and he have no such intentions of union now. He just wants to fulfil his responsibility. He takes Lakshmi with him. Virender applauds his move. Karishma asks Neelam to see Rishi. She asks how can Rishi go against them. She tells that Neelam had handled the house well, but now nothing is under control. Neelam grows worried. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her, else everyone will question his intentions. He asks her not to worry, he really wants to win her love and marry her. He asks if she has a problem with it.

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