Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Anjali's suicide

Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Anjali’s suicide

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Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Anjali’s suicide Rakhi makes Karan promise that he won’t go anywhere leaving her alone. Karan and Preeta care for Rakhi equally. Karan promises Rakhi that he will not go anywhere. Shrishti now believes Arjun after he had named his business and properties to Preeta. Anjali feels shattered on learning that Arjun has fallen in love with Preeta so madly that he has given up his entire property to her. She can’t accept his madness for Preeta. She wants Arjun to realize her love and dedication towards him. A broken Anjali heads to the terrace to spend some time alone and recollects her best moments with Arjun. She fears of losing him eventually when her truth of assisting the attackers gets known to him. Anjali takes an impulsive move and goes ahead to attempt a suicide. Who will come to Anjali’s rescue? Will she succeed in stopping Arjun and Preeta’s marriage? Will Preeran unite? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Police reaches the basement area. Prithvi and Shambu attempt to hide from the police. Prithvi feels badly into trouble because of Shambu. Prithvi plans to get Shambu caught by the police. He wants to get free of Shambu and police at once. He thinks he can make a good plan to marry Preeta when he gets rid of Shambu. Prithvi fools Shambu. He asks him not to take his name on getting caught. He throws the vase to get the constable’s attention. Shambu gets caught. Inspector slaps him. Prithvi gets saved by his smartness once again. Anjali is heartbroken. She sheds tears while thinking of Arjun’s words. Priyanka gets scared seeing Anjali climbing the rooftop. Anjali thinks of attempting suicide, being dejected in love. Priyanka asks her not to jump. She runs to inform Arjun about Anjali’s move.

Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update Anjali’s suicide:

Prithvi roams freely in the house. He sees Karan getting ready in his room. He goes to meet Karan. Karan asks him what is he doing here. Prithvi compliments him. He tells that he has come to attend his marriage and celebrate it. Karan tells that he will not believe Prithvi. Prithvi asks what’s his problem. Karan asks Prithvi to get out if he wants to see him happy. Prithvi asks what wrong did he do. He tells that he doesn’t understand Arjun, who wanted to take revenge on Luthras before and now he wants their betterment. He asks him how did he change his colour so soon.

Karan tells that he has no time to listen to his nonsense. Prithvi calls him Karan and shocks him. He asks Karan how does he feel after returning home. Priyanka asks Anjali to get down. Anjali asks her to go away. Priyanka worries for her. Anjali tells that she feels better with a blend of fear and hope. Priyanka asks her not to be mad. She pulls Anjali down and hugs her. They cry. Anjali tells that she just wanted Arjun’s happiness and victory, because she loves him, but he loves Preeta and his family. She feels she has lost Arjun, who was her only family. She turns depressed.

She tells Priyanka that she tried to kill Preeta, but its her bad fate that she failed. Priyanka asks her to calm down. Anjali tells that nobody can give what she wants, she wants Arjun, she wants to marry Arjun. Priyanka asks Anjali to become Arjun’s wife by replacing Preeta in the mandap. Anjali asks her how is this possible. Priyanka asks her to sit in Preeta’s place and marry Arjun. Anjali asks her the plan. Priyanka tells the plan. She is confident that her plan will work.

Prithvi asks Arjun not to hide that he is Karan. Karan tells that if he is really Karan, then he would have told his family about it. Prithvi wants to know the reason for hiding the truth. He knows that Karan wants to marry Preeta, he has given everything to her. Karan rebukes him for attempting the robbery. Prithvi asks him to remove his mask and show his truth. Karan denies that he is Karan. He asks Prithvi to get out. Prithvi tells that he won’t go without settling the scores with him. Prithvi asks him not to lie to him, because he can catch any lie. He asks why does he want to marry Preeta.

Karan tells that he wants to snatch everything that belongs to Preeta. Prithvi tells that Rishabh likes Preeta, he respects her a lot. He adds that even Karan would have got desperate to marry Preeta. He knows Karan well. He tells that there is a big twist in Preeta and Karan’s love story. He admits that he loves Preeta a lot. Karan angrily throws a case at him. Prithvi bends down and laughs that Karan missed the shot. He tells that Karan used to get angry in the same way. He asks Arjun why is he angry now, his anger proves that he is Karan. He reminds the day when Karan took his place in the mandap and married Preeta.

He wants to take revenge. He tells that he will sit in the mandap today and marry Preeta. He provokes Karan by sharing his wedding night plans. Karan angrily bashes him. Prithvi hits on his head. Karan falls unconscious. Sameer goes to call Arjun. Shrishti and Kritika compliment Preeta. Kritika tells that she also wanted a sister. Preeta tells that she is her sister. Kritika loves her. She asks Preeta to come downstairs. Prithvi gets ready as the groom. He hides his face by putting the sehra/veil. Sameer asks Arjun to come for the wedding. Prithvi ties up Karan and locks him in the cupboard. He tells that it’s a grand wedding. Prithvi gets happy that his dream will get fulfilled, he just wants to marry her. He tells that his love for Preeta is true, he still love her, nobody can defeat him until he loses the battle by his will. He boasts of his smartness.

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