YRKKH 10th February 2023 Update Abhinav confesses love

YRKKH 10th February 2023 Update Abhinav confesses love

YRKKH 10th February 2023 Update Abhinav confesses love Aarohi and Ruhi are a part of Abhimanyu’s life. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to accept this fact. Manjiri can see Abhimanyu’s concern for Aarohi. She wants Abhimanyu to accept Aarohi in her life. Ruhi goes crazy to talk to the lady who has prepared the tasty jam. Aarohi suspects that its Akshara, who is behind the jam story. Abhimanyu tells them that they don’t call each and every person who sends them stuff. Aarohi’s health is a priority for the Birlas. Aarohi asks Abhimanyu if he is hiding about Akshara.

She realizes that he visited Akshara in Kasaulli and he was at her place once when she/Aarohi saw him on video call. She knows that Abhimanyu is covering up about his meeting. Abhinav realizes his love because of the fear of losing Akshara. He doesn’t want to lose her to Abhimanyu. He stops Akshara to confess his feelings, which he has been trying to convey since a long time. He tells that he has to share something really important. Akshara asks him what does he want to say. He tells that he loves her.


Akshara is stunned by Abhinav’s sudden and unexpected love confession. Abhinav proposes her to become a real part of his life and become his wife by all her heart. He leaves her speechless. On the other hand, someone mistakes Abhimanyu to be Aarohi’s husband. Aarohi starts liking Abhimanyu after knowing his efforts of care when she was unconscious. She also considers Abhimanyu as her future. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to marry Aarohi. She tells that everyone can see a happy family when they see Ruhi and Aarohi with Abhimanyu. She adds that the family isn’t forming due to his stubborn decision. She wants to know why he can’t he marry Aarohi and give her a wife’s status. Abhimanyu decides to move on in life with Aarohi, just because he feels Akshara has moved on with Abhinav.

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