Kundali Bhagya Prithvi’s wedding 11th February 2023

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi's wedding 11th February 2023

Kundali Bhagya Prithvi’s wedding 11th February 2023 Preeta is met by Arjun to inform her that the Luthras’ property has been transferred into her name. When Prithvi and Shambhu overhear all of this, they are shocked. When the police inspector begins the investigation, Anjali begins to fear. To locate the box of medication for Arjun, Preeta walks to the basement. Due to the dust, she begins to cough, but Arjun attempts to help. As Preeta begins to approach him in the dark room while holding her phone’s torch, Prithvi is afraid of being seen. Arjun prevents Preeta from falling when she trips over. They are unaware of Prithvi’s presence and are lost in their past selves. Shambhu is alarmed when Prithvi puts chloroform on a handkerchief and moves in their direction.

Arjun looks around when he notices motion nearby. He is informed by Preeta that it must be a rat, and they leave the room without delay. Rakhi visits their room to see how Arjun is doing but becomes concerned when she doesn’t see them there. When Preeta and Arjun enter the room, she becomes emotional. Rakhi is hugged by Arjun, who swears never to abandon her. He promises while gazing at Preeta and holding her hand. Rakhi takes her and Preeta out to get ready for the wedding once more while Shrishti arrives with clothes. A file that details Arjun’s transfer of the Luthras’ property into Preeta’s name is sent to Shrishti by Preeta.


After witnessing this, Shrishti becomes upset and realises that Arjun loves Preeta and desires to wed her out of love. Finding out that Shrishti has acknowledged that Arjun is Karan brings peace to Rakhi. Anjali overhears them and is alarmed to discover how much everyone believes in Arjun. Prithvi and Shambhu are imprisoned in the cellar. He then decides to get Shambhu jailed in an effort to marry Preeta. When the police show there, they take Shambhu into custody while she remains silent about Prithvi.


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