Pandya Store 12th February 2023 Update Ruckus for Chutki

Pandya Store 12th February 2023 Update Ruckus for Chutki

Pandya Store 12th February 2023 Update Ruckus for Chutki Shweta has come to Pandya house after seven years, but she is still evil. She has come back with her old intentions of revenge on the Pandyas. She troubles the family by telling them that Chutki is going to die. She tells that she will not tell them about Chutki at any cost. The family calls the cops to get her arrested. Shweta breaks her silence. She convinces them to send the police off. The kids get Chutki with them. Shiva finds the kids at the temple. They together head to home.

The kids tell about the gift for Suman. Shweta tells the family that Chutki is critically ill, and she needs treatment in order to survive. She asks them to not trouble her, else Chutki will die as an orphan. Dhara and Raavi ask Dev to send the police away. They take Shweta to the room and tie her up. Shweta still escapes from the house. Shweta goes out of the house and hides inside a garbage drum, while the family realizes her absence and gets searching for her. Shweta is really clever.


She writes a note for them on the mirror and the window. She threatens them about Chutki. She tells that they shall call her and fulfil her demands if they want Chutki back. Pandyas are in shocked when Shweta demands 50 lakhs from them for Chutki. She thinks to get Chutki treated and keep the remaining half of the amount for herself. Shweta sees Shiva and hides from him. She succeeds to escape. She heads to the temple where she had left Chutki. She is moved on finding Chutki missing.

Reviewed Rating for Pandya Store 12th February 2023 Update Ruckus for Chutki: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section.


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