Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Prachi’s blame

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Prachi's blame

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Prachi’s blame Finally given permission to proceed while according to protocol by the commissioner. Inspector gets ready to put an end to the terror. The terrorist leader observes the news. Vikram and Pallavi worry about Ranbir. The chief makes the decision to provide the media with a news byte. He phones a journalist and begs him to prevent the cops from entering the structure. The reporter approaches the inspector and offers him the pendrive. He is instructed by the chief to watch the footage and broadcast it to everyone. They examine the footage. Prachi informs Ranbir that she worked at the hotel and is fully knowledgeable about it.

She attends to his injury. She claims that it is not a matter of worry but rather retaliation for saving her life. He claims that because she doesn’t care about him, it would be better for him to pass away. Hearing this causes her pain. They both think poorly of each other’s personalities and actions. She assures him that everything will be OK soon. She doesn’t want to become helpless. By saving her, he considers saving himself. She feels severely wounded by him. He wishes she had come earlier to correct him. She can’t stand his animosity. Since he had also lost his daughter, he wanted her to feel his pain. Both of them start grumbling.


Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update Prachi’s blame:

Ranbir asks Prachi why didn’t she tell him that she has come to Delhi, didn’t she miss him for once. Prachi sheds tears. The terrorists threaten the police and people by revealing their plans in the video. The chief tells that he wants to spread the terror and shake the country. Pallavi and Vikram get worried for Ranbir, who is still caught up inside the hotel. Pallavi asks Aryan not to tell anything to Dida, who can’t tolerate it. Inspector scolds the reporters for spreading the news. Pallavi prays for her son. Ranbir asks Prachi why didn’t she tell him that she is alive.

She tells that she didn’t wish to tell him. He understands that she was angry, even he was angry. She asks him if he still thinks she is responsible for Panchi’s loss. She tells that he is responsible because he got the police there. He tells that he came there to save her life. He adds that she should have told him about her plan of action, they would have gone to meet Aaliya together. She tells that she didn’t wish to meet him, because he misunderstands her. They both argue and blame each other. He refuses to talk to her, because he already has someone to talk to. She thinks he is going to marry Singhania’s daughter. He asks her did she go mad. He goes away, and she begins to cry.

Ranbir returns to console Prachi. She angrily shoves him away and leaves from there. Inspector instructs the team to take risk and save the innocent lives. He tells that they can’t be afraid and selfish, they should fight the terrorists and respect their duty. The team gets encouraged to take the risk. The chief sees the police entering the gate. He asks his gang to shoot the policemen. The firing begins. Ganesh takes the inspector with him. Aryan tells Vikram that Dida has called him again. Vikram and Pallavi get to see Dida there. Khushi tells the doctor that she got rid of the fear.

She asks him why are the terrorists killing everyone. He tells that its their evil deed. She expects Ranbir to come. She praises him. She meets Ranbir who pampers her with love. She tells that she loves him a lot. He tells that even he loves her. Dida scolds Vikram and Pallavi for not informing her about Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir is her life. Vikram tells that he didn’t want her to worry. Aryan asks Dida how did she get to know of it. Dida wants to know where is Ranbir. Vikram tells that Ranbir isn’t in contact, he is still inside. Pallavi cries in worry. Ranbir learns that Kaya didn’t come to the room. He asks the doctor to be with Khushi. He tells that he will go and find Kaya.

He asks Khushi to stay strong. He lies to her about meeting her mum. The chief makes further plans. Inspector tells the reporters that the terrorists are seeing the cctv footage. He wants to play a trick and show them delayed footage. He thanks Ganesh for helping them. Ganesh tells that he is knowledgeable about the hotel gates. He suggests that they have to remove the power fuse and cut off the camera connections. Kaya gets caught at gunpoint. She tries to negotiate with the terrorist and offers him money. He asks her to go to heaven and negotiate there.

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