Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Karan Sherlyn team up

Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Karan Sherlyn team up

Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Karan Sherlyn team up Sherlyn reaches the Luthra house. Prithvi asks her how did she come. She angrily beats him. He has no option than to lock her in the room, when she doesn’t get convinced. She finds Karan trying to escape from the washroom. She tells him that Prithvi has locked both of them in the room, because he doesn’t want Karan to marry Preeta. She tells that Prithvi wants to marry Preeta, he had gone to the mandap already. She wants Karan to marry Preeta, so that she can get back in Rishabh’s life. Prithvi and Anjali sit in the mandap, unaware of each other’s presence. Karan makes a plan with Sherlyn to kidnap Prithvi. He tells that they have to disappear Prithvi from the mandap, just like the latter did to him.

Earlier in the show, Anjali and Priyanka hide Preeta in the room. Anjali thanks Priyanka for having a backup. Priyanka asks Anjali to put the ghunghat and sit in the mandap. Sameer and Shrishti go to call the key maker to open the chest. They end up arguing. She calls him unromantic. He contacts the keymaker and asks him to come to Luthra house. Bani comes to meet Preeta. She asks why did she put the veil. Priyanka tells that pandit has asked Preeta to put the veil. Anjali wants the marriage to complete soon. Bani takes Anjali with her. Anjali gets glad to get her love. Prithvi hides Karan in the washroom. He tells that he is going to marry Preeta. He shares about his scary daydream and how he alert he has turned. He wants the family to put the marriage on fast track. He tells that he has come to take revenge on him.


Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Karan Sherlyn team up:

Sherlyn arrives in the Luthra house. Prithvi hides Karan in the washroom. He puts the veil on his face and acts as Karan. He opens the door and is shocked to see Sherlyn. He asks her how did she come. She asks won’t he welcome her. She hits him. She tells that he has come here to loot the Luthras, but he wants to marry Preeta now. He tells her that he is marrying Preeta to get rich, Arjun has named everything to her. She beats him a lot. He asks her to listen. He pushes her away.

She falls over the table edge and gets hurt. She turns unconscious. He asks her why isn’t she listening to him, he is doing everything for their future. He thinks she is acting. He asks her to get up, because he has no time. He checks her if she is okay. He asks her to get up and listen to him. He worries if she is alive or not. Priyanka gets Anjali to the mandap and makes her sit. Anjali thinks she will get married to Arjun soon. Bani tells Dadi that Priyanka is being overfriendly towards Preeta. Dadi tells that they can’t understand children these days, maybe Preeta liked Priyanka and became her friend.

Mahesh asks Kareena if she is feeling the same thing, Arjun is not Karan. Kareena tells that she also feels that Arjun is their Arjun. She believes Rakhi who has felt Arjun’s reality. She wants to know why isn’t Arjun telling them that he is Karan. Mahesh tells that Arjun is taking much time in getting ready. Kareena tells that even Karan used to take time. He asks her to keep manners. They both fight. Bani gets reminded of Sameer and Shrishti. Shrishti asks Sameer why is that chunri so important. She suggests that she can go to temple and bring the new chunri.

Sameer tells that Rakhi is emotional about her belief. They meet the keymaker and ask him to come with them to unlock the chest. The man tells that he will come in the morning. She tells that its an urgency, the marriage is stuck midway, they have to get Matarani chunri from the chest. The man agrees to help them. Prithvi asks Sherlyn why didn’t she listen to him. He tells that he will do as she wants, he doesn’t want to lose her. He asks her to support him, she is his first and last love, his true love, he is marrying Preeta just to set their future. Rakhi comes to call Arjun. He puts Sherlyn in the washroom. He tells them that he will go to the mandap and marry Preeta.

Rakhi gets worried when he doesn’t open the door. Prithvi goes with Rakhi. Mahesh asks the pandit to perform the shanti puja. Rakhi asks Mahesh if he also believes in rituals now. Mahesh agrees. Bani tells hat she has given him good values. Dadi finds Preeta lucky to get such a loving family. Anjali thinks she will become their bahu, she is lucky to get them. She doesn’t want anyone to snatch her rights and dreams. She waits for Arjun. Prithvi reaches there and sits with Anjali. He thinks nobody can defeat him now, he will get married to Preeta.

Prithvi wishes that Preeta doesn’t doubt him now. Anjali gives her hand to him. He gets glad that fate is on her side. He gets hopeful. Sherlyn gets conscious. She finds Arjun lying unconscious. She tries to wake him up. He gets conscious and sees her. He asks her what is she doing here. He asks how can she allow Prithvi to marry Preeta when she loves him. She asks him to listen to her. She apologizes to her. She tells that she has come to help him, Prithvi has locked her in the washroom to keep her away. She tells that she will get some help. She instructs Shambu’s goons to come and rescue her. Karan asks her what is she doing. She tells that she can’t explain anything, but she wants him to marry Preeta to stopping Prithvi.

Mahesh asks Rakhi to be with the bride and groom. He takes Kavya with him. Sameer and Shrishti get the keymaker. Rakhi asks them to open the chest. The man tells that he needs 10 mins to open the lock. Prithvi gets stressed watching the new development. Sherlyn gets the help in time. The goons free Sherlyn and Karan. Karan asks them if they know any dhol artist. He asks them to call the dhol artist home to kidnap Prithvi. Karan goes to take a disguise of a dhol artist. He doesn’t see Preeta there. Priyanka doesn’t see Arjun. She hides Preeta from the Sardarji, unaware that he is Arjun. He thinks of telling her that he is Arjun. He decides otherwise, because he has no time to explain the matter to her.

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