Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir's love

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s love

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s love Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Prachi’s blame Ranbir is saving lives without caring for his own life. He tells that the terrorists are shooting people and throwing bombs to create a havoc. He wants to save his friend Kaya and also his love Prachi. He wants Khushi to stay protected and just believe him that he will rescue her from all the troubles. Khushi gets positive and strong because of Ranbir’s encouragement. She believes that he really met his mother and also handled the matter well. He develops an instant connection with Khushi. He tells that he loves her a lot. He hopes that she stays safe until the terrorists are dealt with. Khushi expects Ranbir to return soon. The police makes a clever plan to trick the terrorists. The terrorist chief senses what’s coming and gets prepared to attack.

Earlier in the show, Dida wants to know where is Ranbir. Vikram tells that Ranbir isn’t in contact, he is still inside. Pallavi cries in worry. Ranbir learns that Kaya didn’t come to the room. He asks the doctor to be with Khushi. He tells that he will go and find Kaya.

He asks Khushi to stay strong. He lies to her about meeting her mum. The chief makes further plans. Inspector tells the reporters that the terrorists are seeing the cctv footage. He wants to play a trick and show them delayed footage. He thanks Ganesh for helping them. Ganesh tells that he is knowledgeable about the hotel gates. He suggests that they have to remove the power fuse and cut off the camera connections. Kaya gets caught at gunpoint. She tries to negotiate with the terrorist and offers him money. He asks her to go to heaven and negotiate there.

Ahead in the show, Laali gets angry and scolds Khushi. Khushi tells Ranbir that she already told him, Laali will scold her. Ranbir asks Laali not to scold Khushi, its not her mistake, he took her along. Laali asks him who is he. Khushi tells that Ranbir is her dad. Ranbir is surprised.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s love:

Kaya tells the terrorist that she can pay him money. He tells that she can’t buy him with her money. Ranbir stops the man and asks Kaya to run away. She asks him what is he doing. Ranbir tells that he is hugging his childhood friend. Kaya asks him to beat the man with a vase. She throws the flower pot and hits Ranbir by mistake. Ranbir manages to save her. They both escape. Ganesh goes to the fuse room to cut down the power. He removes the fuse. Kaya tells that she isn’t able to run on her heels. Ranbir asks her to remove the heels and throw it. He tells that he will go away if she doesn’t come.

He finds the man following them. He asks her to run with him. He asks her not to leave his hand now. Prachi helps a lady. She tells that she isn’t scared of the terrorists, because it’s the family who hurts the most. The lady tells that it happens in every house, but they can’t stop living their lives. Prachi takes her along. Ranbir gets to see Prachi helping the lady. Kaya asks him what is he thinking. Ranbir asks Kaya to go. He has to save the doctor and Khushi. Kaya hides from the terrorists. Police team enters the hotel. The chief understands that the power outage is a trick to assist the police in entering the building.

He tells that the media is fooling them by showing the wrong footage. He asks his men to kill everyone, they should put the bombs, its time that they sacrifice their lives for their mission. The terrorists get confused when the chief asks them to die along with the people. They decide to keep Yashvardhan alive, because just he can save them. Khushi gets adamant to go out. She gets to hear Laali’s call. She gets scared of her. Ranbir comes to the room. Khushi tells that she saw her mum at the window. She is scared to face her. Ranbir tells that he will talk to her mum. He asks the doctor to come with them, they have to change their place.

Ganesh meets Minty and tells that he has removed the power fuse to help the police. Laali meets Khushi and scolds her. Ranbir defends Khushi. He takes the responsibility. Laali asks who is he. She misunderstands him. She asks him if he wants to kidnap Khushi. Khushi tells that he has saved her. Ranbir asks Laali to not misunderstand him. The terrorists gather all the captive people at one place. Ranbir sees the police force coming. The terrorists threaten about killing Yashvardhan. Prachi comes from behind and watches the terrorists’ dangerous move.

The bomb explodes inside the hotel. The terrorists bring Ranbir, Prachi, Kaya and others outside the hotel. Vikram and Pallavi worry for Ranbir. The terrorists negotiate to save their lives. The chief realizes that his gang members got scared of death and changed their plan. Kaya’s dad sees the shocking news and goes nervous. Vikram and Pallavi ask the inspector to let the terrorists go away. The police accept their terms. The terrorists leave the people, who try to escape. They madly shoot in the air. Ranbir asks the people not to run. Ranbir runs to find Khushi. Khushi turns too scared and rushes to Ranbir.

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