BALH 16th February 2023 Update Lakhan Sid ugly fight

BALH 16th February 2023 Update Lakhan Sid ugly fight

BALH 16th February 2023 Update Lakhan Sid ugly fight When the bouncer takes Mihir, Josh confronts the man. When Mihir sees Prachi, he declares, “I am her friend.” While assisting Pihu, Prachi acknowledges that Mihir is her friend and gets back to work. To keep up with Prachi’s situation, Josh makes Mihir his friend. Prachi notices Pihu drinking and inquires as to its alcohol content. It is cranberry juice, and Prachi is required to consume it. Mihir concerns that Prachi consumed the drugged beverage. Josh learns about it from Mihir, and he demands that Josh keep Pihu occupied and vow not to tell anyone. Mihir concurs. Prachi becomes queasy when Pihu leaves, so Josh picks her up and carries her to his room.

Raghav is being asked, “Why are you here,” by Angad. Brinda aunty, Pihu is body shaming girls, she alleges. Cut the phone, Angad snatches it. Don’t side with that girl, advises Angad. Pihu chuckles. Where is Prachi, wonders Raghav? Both Pihu and Angad lack knowledge. They look for Prachi. Raghav learns from that girl that Josh took Prachi to her room. While Angad and Pihu are rescuing Prachi, Raghav goes there and beats Josh. When Sid arrives, Mihir reports that Raghav is severely hitting Josh.


Lakhan holds Raghav while Sid beats him. Raghav is furious. How dare you abuse my son in my home, according to Sid, who claims Lakhan must have taught him this. Lakhan knows that Raghav isn’t at fault. He defends Raghav while seeing Prachi’s condition. Sid enrages and challenges Lakhan for a fight. Both Lakhan and Sid get into a brawl in the party, that nearly gets ruined because of Josh’s evil deed. Pihu supports Raghav in front of Lakhan. She adds that Raghav had saved Prachi’s dignity. Lakhan feels ashamed of his decision to trust Avni and send his daughters to her house. Sid asks Lakhan how dare he point a finger at Josh when he is standing in his house. Lakhan tells that he wishes to punch his face. Sid asks him to slap him. Lakhan pushes him away. Sid taunts that Lakhan has no strength left in him.

Reviewed Rating for BALH 16th February 2023 Update Lakhan Sid ugly fight: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section.


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