Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Sherlyn cheats

Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Sherlyn cheats

Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Sherlyn cheats Shambu and goons try to kidnap Preeta on Anjali’s orders. Preeta is shocked to see the goons. Priyanka assists the goons in the kidnapping. Prithvi and Sherlyn team up. Prithvi meets Karan and tells him that it’s an amazing game of destiny. Karan asks how did he come out, and if Sherlyn didn’t lock the door. Sherlyn asks why would she lock the door. She joins hands with Prithvi. Karan and Kritika are shocked. Prithvi tells that Sherlyn will always be on his side. He tells Karan that he will go to the mandap and sit beside Preeta, he will marry her. Preeta gets kidnapped. Anjali takes her place in the mandap once again. Prithvi attacks Karan and Kritika and rushes to the mandap as the groom.

Earlier in the show, Anjali gains consciousness and slaps Shambu. She asks why he kidnapped her. He demands the money. She tells that she has to marry Arjun. Shambu asks what’s wrong. She tells that she has to go to the mandap. Shambu threatens her. She asks him to take her to Luthra’s house right away. He refuses. She tells that she is ready to pay money. He demands 50 lakhs. She agrees to pay. Rakhi finds Priyanka unconscious and asks her what happened to her, and where is Preeta. Priyanka tells that someone had hit on her head. Rakhi looks for Preeta. Shambu laughs seeing the money in his account. Anjali asks him to take her to Luthra’s house and kidnap Preeta. She tells that she will pay more than 50 lakhs to them. Shambu agrees. Rakhi grows worried. She spots Preeta and asks her if is she okay. She checks Preeta. Priyanka worries when Rakhi locates Preeta.


Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update Sherlyn cheats:

Rakhi worries for Preeta. Anjali calls Priyanka and informs her that she had been kidnapped. She tells that she has paid the goons and now she is coming back to the Luthra house. Priyanka tells her that Rakhi has found Preeta. She asks how can she handle Preeta now. Anjali asks Priyanka to lie to Preeta that she/Anjali left the mandap and doesn’t want to marry Arjun now. She tells that she wants to divert Preeta so that the latter doesn’t tell her truth to anyone. She thinks this move will buy her some time. Rakhi asks Preeta to open her eyes. Rakhi goes to get some water.

Priyanka awakens Preeta and apologizes to her. She tells that she can do anything for Anjali and her love. She accepts her mistake. She tells that Anjali has done a lot to marry Arjun, but she realized that love should be mutual, so she left the mandap. Preeta doesn’t believe it. She tells that Anjali can’t leave the mandap. Priyanka tells that Anjali isn’t there. She asks Preeta to not tell anyone, or else the family will worry, the happiness will be ruined.

She asks her to tell the family once the marriage happens. Rakhi comes back and asks Preeta how did she faint. Priyanka tells Preeta that she was also unconscious when Rakhi found her. Rakhi asks Preeta to tell the matter. Preeta doesn’t want Rakhi to get any tension. She lies as Priyanka planned. Rakhi takes Preeta to the mandap. She leaves her midway and goes to get lemon water for her. Shambu and the goons stop Preeta and kidnap her. Priyanka shows her true colors and catches Preeta. The goons take Preeta to Anjali. Anjali asks them to behave well with Preeta.

Anjali tells that she knows Preeta is in a problem. Preeta asks her not to think that Arjun will accept her as his wife or love her. Anjali tells that Arjun loves her a lot, and they have a relationship, which has no name. She believes that Arjun will accept her. Preeta tells that Anjali has a one-sided love for Arjun. Anjali tells that Arjun doesn’t know about her love. She accuses Preeta of coming between Arjun and her. Preeta asks her does she think so. She tells that nobody can come between Karan and her, nobody has such power or position, and Karan won’t even care for any fairies from heaven, its fate that has united Karan and her. Anjali asks her to stop the nonsense.

She tells that Arjun will always be of her. Preeta replies that Karan is her husband, he can’t be of anyone else. Anjali says that love wins over marriage always. Preeta asks her if she knows the power of marriage. Anjali asks the goons to put her in handcuffs and take Preeta away. Preeta tries to run away, but Anjali attacks her. Anjali asks her not to waste her energy. She tells that Preeta has no connection with Arjun now. She claims her sole rights to Arjun and his sindoor. She wants to marry him. Preeta slaps her. She lectures Anjali for forgetting her limit and claiming someone else’s husband. She insults Anjali by calling her a second woman in Arjun’s life. Anjali gets hugely upset. Preeta’s words anger her. Anjali tells that Arjun is of her. Preeta tells that Karan is her husband.

Bani asks Shrishti about her marriage with Sameer. She reminds me that it’s 6 years now. Shrishti asks if is she checking her memory. Bani tells that she knows Shrishti well. Shrishti asks if she is lacking something. Bani tells that there are many flaws. Shrishti asks her not to go into details. She tells that Sameer doesn’t get romantic. Shrishti is upset. Bani compliments her. Shrishti tells that Bani should scold Sameer and explain to him that he should pamper his wife. Nani tells that Sameer loves Shrishti, but he doesn’t express it.

Shrishti tells that Sameer should express it, only then she can feel his love. Bani tells that she will try to explain to Sameer. Shrishti asks her to scold Sameer. Bani tells that they both will scold Sameer. Shrishti gets happy. Bani hugs her. Preeta tells Anjali that Karan is her husband, and their relationship is of many births, she has already married Karan twice, and it will be a third marriage today, which means 21 rounds. She asks Anjali does she think she can break such a strong relationship. Anjali believes that Arjun is her love. She asks Preeta not to think that Arjun is Karan. She advises Preeta to be practical, how can she decide this based on some silly proofs? She calls Preeta a fool.

She tells that Luthras have seen Karan in Arjun. Preeta tells that she will not believe her. She sounds confident that Arjun is Karan because Arjun’s presence and behavior always reminded her of Karan. She tells that she felt that he is Karan, she is his wife and she can’t be wrong, her soul testifies that he is Karan. Anjali asks her not to give her this true love lecture. She tells that Arjun isn’t Karan. Preeta threatens her. Anjali and Preeta get into a big row.

Preeta tells that Karan and Preeta can never get separated, Anjali can’t be his friend, she is an enemy for them, and one day Karan will throw her out of his life. Anjali asks the goons to take Preeta away. Preeta tells that she won’t let her succeed. Shrishti and Bani come there to meet Sameer. They find Preeta getting kidnapped, because of Anjali. Shrishti threatens Anjali. Preeta and Bani handcuff the goons. Preeta slaps Anjali in rage.

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