YRKKH Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding 16th February 2023

YRKKH Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding 16th February 2023

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YRKKH Abhimanyu Aarohi wedding 16th February 2023 Ruhi and Abhimanyu get ready. Suhasini’s birthday is being organized by Ruhi. Abhimanyu and Ruhi are cut off by Manjiri. Aarohi, Abhimanyu, and Ruhi are tasked with organizing Suhasini’s birthday. Shefali tells Manjiri that by asking Aarohi and Abhimanyu to collaborate, she made the right decision. Aarohi and Abhimanyu should wed, according to Manjiri. Ruhi requests that Abhimanyu adopt her by her birthday. Aarohi, Manjiri, and Abhimanyu are startled.

Abhimanyu is tasked by Manjiri to comprehend Ruhi. She requests that he take Ruhi’s demand into account. Manjiri is admonished by Abhimanyu to cease talking about marriage in front of Ruhi. Abhimanyu is not allowed to speak to Ruhi. Abhimanyu and Aarohi are told by Manjiri that fate has already been chosen for them. Abhimanyu and Aarohi are baffled. Shefali and Manjiri have a conversation.

Abhimanyu experiences a panic attack. He remembers Ruhi’s request. Akshara and Abhir are also on Abhimanyu’s mind. Abhir and Abhinav are eager to visit Udaipur. Akshara is concerned about returning to Udaipur. Ruhi is invited to speak with Aarohi. Ruhi won’t speak to Aarohi until Abhimanyu accepts his role as her biological father. For Ruhi’s sake, Abhimanyu and Aarohi will consent to get married. It doesn’t matter if Abhir can’t meet his grandparents, Abhinav tells Akshara. Abhir must learn to live independently, he continues. According to Abhinav, Abhir can live with two of them because he was raised without parents. Abhir should learn how to live alone, he continues. What is he saying, Akshara queries Abhinav? She requests that Abhinav take a job.

According to Akshara, she stole Abhir’s happiness due to her past. Although Abhinav claims to be an orphan, he is curious about his family. He further determines whether to take Akshara or Abhir to Udaipur. Akshara is concerned that her history would come back to haunt her. Above all else, Abhinav becomes eager about taking Abhir to Udaipur. Akshara is frozen in place. Akshara decides to return home. Akshara will visit Udaipur again to celebrate Suhasini’s birthday. Goenkas prepares to greet Akshara. Aarohi and Abhimanyu consent to get married to fulfill Ruhi’s request.

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