Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Written Update Nehmat breaks down

Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Written Update Nehmat breaks down

Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Written Update Nehmat tricked and broken down. Shamsher, Advait, and Rama prove Nehmat wrong by changing the entire setup of the basement. Nehmat fails to prove anything to her family. Rupy and Satti also get doubtful of Nehmat‚Äôs story. Ekam worries about Nehmat and speculates about what might have transpired in Kapoor’s home. Harleen tries to communicate with Ekam. But as he enters, he shuts the door. Mallika is informed by Harleen about Nehmat’s choice to divorce Advait. Harleen is asked by Mallika if she worries that Ekam would go back to Nehmat. Harleen claims that while she recognizes Ekam’s love for Nehmat, she too feels the same way. Harleen is reassured by Mallika that she and Renuka won’t ever permit Ekam to get back together with Nehmat after what she did.

Rupy is asked by Naaz and Rama to look after Nehmat. Nehmat is acting in this way, according to Advait, since her miscarriage came as a shock to her. Advait is told not to believe he won by Nehmat, who then goes to him. She asserts that he must make amends for his actions towards her. Advait grinned and wished you luck. Nehmat feels dejected as she thinks back on how Naaz and Advait humiliated her. Due to Kapoor’s threat to harm Nehmat, Nikhil feels horrible for not sharing the truth there.


Moreover, Naaz informs Nikhil that because they are a family, they must act in their best interests. Shamsher gives Naaz appreciation. If Nehmat was held captive, Nikhil questions Shamsher. Shamsher cries out. Neeru accuses Nehmat. Rama is signaled by Shamsher. Nikhil is persuaded by Rama and Naaz that Nehmat was lying. Advait is concerned that Nikhil will support Nehmat. Naaz promises to take care of Nikhil.

Nehmat inquires as to whether her grandparents concur that she has lost her mental equilibrium and is rambling. Rupy claims that she is ill and that they will discuss the matter later. Rupy gets a trust question from Nehmat. She hears Rupy tell her that he believes in her. Nehmat asks her family if they believe she is telling the truth. After a miscarriage, Swaroop tries to reassure Nehmat by stating that girls tend to experience despair. Nehmat yells that the Kapoors are lying and that she wasn’t pregnant. Nehmat sobs in her chamber as she remembers Advait and Neeru criticizing her and Ekam.

On the other side, Ekam is restless about Nehmat. Ekam calls her, but she ignores it since she doesn’t want Ekam to take the blame. The fragments of broken glass are taken up by Harleen. She gets a glass stabbed in her finger. Ekam wants to acquire first aid for Harleen since she is worried about her. Ekam is halted by Harleen, who explains that he is also in pain. Ekam is asked to express his suffering to her. Ekam claims that Rupy texted him to say that they had returned Nehmat to his house. He claims that he is interested in learning what occurred at Kapoor’s home.

Meanwhile, Ekam is asked by Harleen to visit Nehmat. Ekam does not want to because it would cause her trouble. He is concerned for Nehmat. When does Harleen experience such love? She chooses to assist Ekam because she cannot see that he is upset. She explains and departs. Watching them is Renuka. She claims that Harleen adores Ekam to the fullest. She is adamant that Harleen will never leave Ekam’s life and that Nehmat will never come back. Nehmat is adamant that Ekam would never be held responsible for anything.

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