Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update Climax

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update Climax

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Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update Climax Preeta tells Karan that Anjali wanted to marry him, so Anjali made her fall unconscious and took her place in the mandap. Karan is shocked to know this. She asks Anjali to tell everyone the truth. Anjali tells Karan that she wanted to save him from a wrong marriage, so she had worn the same dress as Preeta. Karan can’t believe it. Anjali finally shows her madness for Arjun. She catches Preeta at the knifepoint. She hurts Preeta. Preeta struggles to get rid of Anjali. Karan and Luthras ask Anjali to leave Preeta. Anjali hates Preeta. She tells that Preeta has snatched her Arjun. She tells Arjun that Preeta is only a cheat.

She asks the Luthras to see Preeta’s real face. She doesn’t leave Preeta. Karan tries hard to explain to Anjali that he loves Preeta. Anjali tells him that Luthras are emotionally blackmailing him, they got him married to Preeta just to take an advantage of him and get all the property from him. Karan tells that he has already named the property to Preeta. Anjali says that they all have fooled him, and Preeta has used him for Rishabh’s happiness. She brainwashes Karan against Preeta and Rishabh. She accuses Preeta. Karan gets confused. He wonders if Preeta and his entire family cheated him.

Preeta tells that Anjali is just like Prithvi, Anjali, and Prithvi had the same intention, Anjali wanted to marry Arjun. Anjali tells that she took Prithvi’s help to stop the marriage, she has done everything to help Arjun. Preeta asks her whether she said that she has a right to Arjun. Anjali tells that she loves Arjun, she wants to be with him. Preeta asks Arjun to know Anjali’s true motives. Karan gets disappointed. He accepts that he is Preeta’s Karan. His confession comes as a big relief for the Luthras. They get emotional. Rakhi hugs Arjun happily. Preeta tells that she knew this truth. Rishabh reaches there during the climax of the scene. He tells Arjun that they knew he is Karan, but wanted to know why he is hiding the truth. The family learns the reason for his lies, that he has been doubted by Preeta and Rishabh till now. Preeta takes Karan with him to explain that her love is pure and flawless. Karan finally gets to know that Natasha and her lover cheated on him and stained Preeta and Rishabh’s names in the murder attempt. Karan’s misunderstanding about his wife and brother gets cleared. All get well in the Luthra house after weeks of dragging marriage drama. Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya Timeline

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update Climax

Karan and Preeta complete the rituals of the marriage. Pandit declares them husband and wife. Karan and Preeta get blessings from the entire family. Kavya asks them to take her blessings too. They laugh. Anjali scolds the goons for failing her plan. Shambu tells that she isn’t smart, Preeta and Shrishti are smarter than her.

Sherlyn and Prithvi leave from the house. Anjali asks Sherlyn to help her. Sherlyn asks her why is she wearing similar clothes to Preeta. Anjali asks if Kritika was saying the truth, did he sit in the mandap in Arjun’s place? Sherlyn tells that she has promised Luthras that she will take Prithvi away. She demands 15 lakhs for helping her. Anjali agrees to pay. Sherlyn asks Shambu to take the 15 lakhs from Anjali. Prithvi tells that the loan is now clear. He praises Sherlyn. Anjali rushes inside the house. Karan spends time with his family.

Rakhi asks Karan to take good care of Preeta. Anjali reaches there and asks if the marriage is over. Preeta gets angry at her. Kareena asks Anjali why is she wearing the bridal clothes. Preeta tells that the marriage is over. Shrishti tells that Anjali wanted to sit in the mandap in Preeta’s place, she wanted to marry Arjun. This shocks everyone. Karan tells that Anjali is just his friend. He shows his faith in Anjali. Shrishti asks him to ask Anjali what she is doing in the bridal dress. Preeta exposes Anjali. She tells that Anjali had hit her and made her fall unconscious.

She adds that Anjali sat in the mandap. Anjali lies to Karan. She calls Preeta a liar. Preeta asks her to answer them, why did she wear a bridal dress. Anjali doesn’t admit it. Sameer tells that he has learned everything from Sherlyn and Prithvi. He tells the family that he had heard and witnessed. Sherlyn tries to help Prithvi. She sees Priyanka and asks her for help. Priyanka doesn’t listen. Sherlyn asks her not to behave like a stranger. She tells that Anjali wanted Prithvi to help her in stopping Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. Sameer overhears this.

He tells them that he didn’t tell them, he didn’t want to spoil their happiness. Anjali asks Arjun to listen to her, and she will tell him the truth, she wanted to stop the marriage, so she had replaced Preeta in the mandap. She accuses the Luthras of taking an advantage of Arjun just to get his property. She tells that the police are going to arrest Rishabh because of the wrong land deal, so Luthras used him to save Rishabh. Karan tells that he has already given everything to Preeta. Anjali says that the papers would become valid if Preeta married him. Kareena calls her a liar. Anjali tells that Arjun has told them, he will allow the family to live in the house, then Shrishti intentionally questioned him and made him transfer the property to Preeta, they did all this for Rishabh.

She shows him a proof. She tells that Rishabh is going to get arrested. She asks him to understand that the family just loves Rishabh, not him. Karan feels bad. Shrishti tells Karan that she will call Sherlyn and prove Anjali wrong. She wants Karan to believe them. She calls up Sherlyn. Sherlyn and Prithvi are on the way. Sherlyn doesn’t want to take risks. She doesn’t take the call. Anjali asks Arjun what’s the drama, he wanted to ruin the Luthras, Rishabh has got defeated, so they had accepted Arjun. She asks him to think why would Preeta agree to marry him when he was going to ruin them. She tells that they will say emotional things now and call him Karan. She goes on to insult Preeta.

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