2 Twists in Pandya Store that you can’t miss this week

2 Twists in Pandya Store that you can't miss this week

2 Twists in Pandya Store that you can’t miss this week Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Pandya Store Upcoming Update Twist #1 Shweta brings Chutki home. The Pandyas get to know that the girl they met a day before, the tv star Natasha is their Chutki. Rishita calls Shweta home and hands over the 50 lakhs to her. She tells that they have already suffered a lot because of her. Dhara and Suman ask Shweta to leave. Shweta didn’t expect them to arrange 50 lakhs in a day. She thinks to stay back in the house. She apologizes to Suman and hugs her. Suman asks Shweta to just leave and not show her face to her ever again.

Shweta says that she is feeling thirsty. She will get a glass of water for herself. Dhara asks her to just get out. Shweta says that she has returned their Chutki now. She asks Rishita and Gautam to bless her, being her elders. Rishita asks her to stop the drama. Shweta asks them to take care and stay with love. She advises Rishita to not fight with the family.


Twist #2 Shweta learns her divorce application truth. She gets the divorce papers that aren’t signed by Krish. She realizes that she is still Krish’s wife which means she has a right to his earnings and also the Pandya house. Shweta tries to find excuses to stay back. Gautam asks Dev to go and get a cab for Shweta. Shweta suddenly refuses to go. Suman asks if she will get beaten him. Shweta says that she will go. Suman is thankful that she is finally going. Shweta comes back. She says that she will stay in the house with them, the Pandya house and relations belong to her. She begs Suman not to throw her out. Dhara asks Shweta to just go away. Shweta says that she has learned to value relations from Dhara. The Pandyas are troubled by Shweta.

Pandya Store airs on Star Plus. New episodes are available online on Disney+ Hotstar. Catch the interesting show. Keep reading for more dramatic twists coming up.

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