Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update Separation

Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update Separation

Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update Separation Nehmat gathers proof against Advait. She makes the mistake to tell Advait about the proof she will use to expose him. He attacks her and snatches the proof from her. She sadly returns home. She regrets that the family doesn’t trust her. She decides not to inform them about Advait’s evil deed. Rupy realizes that she is keeping the matter to herself because she has realized that they don’t trust her anymore. He feels sorry to lose her trust. Nehmat feels guilty. She remembers Advait’s words that he will cage her when he wins the elections. She has to expose him somehow before the elections. She can’t lose.

She doesn’t want Advait to come into power. She encourages herself to stay strong and fight her battle. She wants to clear the stain from her parent’s name. She hides her sorrow from the family. Ekam reaches out to Nehmat. He asks her why is her phone off. Nehmat doesn’t want Ekam to enter her life again. She wants to keep her promise to Renuka and push him toward Harleen. She asks Ekam to never call her again. She calls it their last conversation. He fails to understand the reason for her arrogance. She tells that he doesn’t mean anything to her. She clears that she doesn’t want his friendship and sympathy.


She doesn’t want to see him ever again. She explains it for the final time. She tells him that he shall not try to meet or talk to her again. She tells that she is married, and he has no place in her life. He feels sad that she is distancing herself from him when he wanted to make things fine between them. He is sure that she is hiding some big matter from him and intentionally hurting him. Nehmat deliberately vents anger on him to make him distant from her. She wants Ekam to move on with Harleen for the sake of Renuka’s happiness.

Ekam rushes to Sandhu’s house to meet Nehmat. She shuts the door in his face and asks him to leave. Ekam asks her to speak to him once. She asks him to understand that they aren’t made for each other. He sits outside the door and sheds tears, just like she sits on the other side and weeps. She tells him that it’s valentines round the corner and he has to move on in his life with Harleen. She asks him to end their love story and make a new beginning with Harleen. She tries hard to convince him.

She tells them that he should end their chapter and give them another chance in his life. Ekam tells her that she is attempting to change the story, but he will change the book. A heartbroken Ekam meets Harleen. Harleen burns Nehmat’s memories to free him. She tells him that she loves him a lot. She wants the people to not call Ekam and Harleen, but take their name together as Ekleen. She expresses her love for Ekam. Ekam is confused when Harleen reminds him of his promise to Renuka. What will Ekam do? Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update Separation:

Ekam arrives to meet Nehmat. Satti remembers Renuka’s words. Ekam faces Swaroop’s anger. Swaroop asks him to not ruin Nehmat’s life. Satti says that Nehmat isn’t okay, she is taking a rest in her room. She asks him to leave. He refuses to go until he talks to Nehmat. Swaroop gets against him. Rupy permits him because he can learn the actual matter from Nehmat. Nehmat wants Ekam to hate her and move on in life. Ekam reaches her and asks her to speak to him once. She is bound by her promise to Renuka. He asks her to just open the door and talk once. She asks him to stop ruining his life and her life too.

She blames him for creating problems for her. She tells him that she has ruined his family and also his future, and even then he is after her. She wants him just to get angry and leave. She gets rude toward him. She asks him to accept the truth that they aren’t made for each other. Ekam can’t believe her bitterness. He asks her to listen to him once. He feels hurt when she makes him away from her. He tells them that he will die without her, and though he has no rights to her, he has her memories with him. He adds that he can’t make those memories away from him. He assures them that he can take care of her and share her sorrow. He doesn’t want her to snatch all his rights of protecting her. She asks him to forget her and move on in his life if she ever meant to him.

He tells them that he can even die if she wants. She asks him to promise that he will move on with Harleen. She wants him to propose to Harleen on valentines day and marry her. She asks him to fulfill her wish. Ekam breaks down that she is snatching her memories from him. He tells that he loved her a lot, and he always gave her a high priority in his life. He asks her how she can ask him to marry someone else. He confesses that he still loves her, he can’t forget her, and he is still of Nehmat. He tells her that he will move on if she wants to. He asks her to promise that she will take care of herself. They both shed tears. She tells that valentines were always special to them. She recalls their last valentines. Ekam leaves for his home. He recollects her words that she wants proof of Ekam moving on with Harleen. He goes to meet Harleen. Harleen is surprised to see him. She finds him upset. She gets engaged in cheering up. She asks him how he liked her shopping. Ekam asks her what she wants. He tells that everyone is expecting him to move on. He adds that he can’t give her any costly stuff if she marries him. He asks her if she can adjust with him. He explains that he doesn’t have money to give her luxury.

Harleen doesn’t understand what he wants to do. He tells that they belong to different backgrounds, they can’t unite, and he will move on if she comes into his life, but she can’t move on if she marries him. She asks him what’s wrong. He is heartbroken. He expresses his pain. She stops him from leaving. He apologizes for being rude. She tells that she can never feel bad for of any his words. She answers him. She tells that she can spend her life with him, she doesn’t care for any luxury, she just wants his love. She burns the costly things she had shopped for. Ekam realizes that her love for him is true.

This is a preview update of the show Udaariyaan. Check back for the latest written update – Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update Nehmat and Ekam’s final separation once the episode airs on Voot.


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