YRKKH Epic Promo Abhimanyu Akshara Meet

YRKKH Epic Promo Abhimanyu Akshara Meet

YRKKH Epic Promo Abhimanyu Akshara Meet Akshara has returned to Udaipur after six years. She comes to meet the Goenka family and gets Abhir and Abhinav with her. She turns emotional seeing the Goenka villa name board. She feels much more connected with the family by seeing them in front of her eyes. She wonders if she can handle her relations like she used to do before. She is delighted to meet her loving family. Abhinav also gets the best welcome from his in-laws. Akshara comes face to face with Abhimanyu.

Ruhi runs to Abhimanyu and hugs him. She asks him who is Akshara. He tells them that Akshara is her Maasi. She questions him about his relationship with her. Abhimanyu tells that he wishes he could understand and know, what’s that relation called. Akshara sees Aarohi and Ruhi with Abhimanyu, while he sees Abhinav with Akshara. They both get emotional. Abhinav feels insecure about losing Akshara. What do you think is the best match for Akshara – Abhimanyu or Abhinav? Keep reading.



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