Anupama 20th February 2023 Written Update Maya replaces Anupama

Anupama 20th February 2023 Written Update Maya replaces Anupama

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Anupama 20th February 2023 Written Update Maya replaces Anupama Hasmukh and asks Leela not to spend her life just cursing Anupama. Leela is frustrated. Vanraj tells that it’s not okay to keep talking about Anupama. Kinjal informs that Paritosh is okay. Hasmukh pacifies Kavya. He tells them that she will get her modeling assignment back. She replies that she will find some other work because Mohit has already completed the assignment with some other model. Hasmukh doesn’t want Leela to become a villain. Anupama gets away from Anuj and Anu while attending Shahs. Anu misses Anupama. Maya steps in to take Anupama’s place.

Anuj tells Anu that Anupama will be back soon. Maya goes towards Anu to cut the cake. Anupama surprises Anu by returning on time. Maya is stunned to see her back. Anupama tells that she can’t live without them. She cuddles Anu. She thanks Maya for making the cake for Anu. Anu romances Anupama and turns the latter shy. Anupama offers the cake to Maya. She refuses to have it, stating her almond allergy. Maya asks her how did she come back so soon. Anupama tells that she couldn’t stay there without her family. Maya asks her if she is going back again. Anupama tells that she won’t go until there is an emergency.

She knows that her family also needs her. Anuj tells that he is sure, she will handle both families well. Anu informs them about the picnic plans. Maya asks her why didn’t she inform her before, she would have come. Anu tells that she wants to go with her mom and dad. Anupama promises that they will go. Anuj tells that Anupama can’t stay out of the city for a long time, because there can be an emergency with Paritosh. He asks her not to show any dreams to Anu. He can’t tolerate it if Anu gets hurt.

Maya tells that she can go with Anu for her happiness. Anuj tells that he won’t understand Anupama if she breaks the promise this time. Anupama tells that she will try her best to accompany them. Samar calls Anupama and asks for Paritosh’s medicine. She guides him. She asks him to ask Kinjal. Anuj asks if is everything okay. She asks him to convey his feelings. He tells that last time they had issues because of the Shah family. She tells that she will handle everything. She gets disturbed by numerous calls from the Shah family. Leela asks Anupama to come home to take Paritosh to the hospital.

Anupama answers that Vanraj and Samar will take Paritosh to the hospital. She tells Leela that she has to go on a picnic with Anu. Anuj gets upset with the calls. He tells that she can’t commit to looking after Anu. He advises Anupama to better go to Shahs. Anupama assures that she will handle it. Anuj leaves when the calls stop bothering them. He tells that the Shah family doesn’t understand her family’s needs. He adds that they aren’t able to talk peacefully because of the calls. He wants to handle Anu alone. Maya asks why should Anu suffer alone. She wants to go with her daughter. She tells that she is Anu’s mother, and Anu will be happy if she comes. Anuj agrees to take Maya along. Maya gets happy seeing Anupama in tears.

Maya tells Anu that she will take her on the picnic because Anupama can’t accompany them. Anu turns upset. Anuj tells that Anupama can handle things, but he doesn’t trust Shahs. Anupama asks Anu to enjoy herself a lot and send pictures to her. She compromises with the situation. In the next episode, Maya begins impressing Anuj on the trip. Anupama gets summoned by Shahs again. She heads to Shah’s house. Vanraj tells her that he gets peace when she comes home. He adds that he wishes he didn’t divorce her. He wishes that he gets their happy family back. Anupama asks him to stop his thoughts right there. She asks Vanraj to not even dare to repeat those words. She clears that she is very happy with her husband and daughter. Maya grows close to Anuj. Is Anupama’s marital life at stake? Keep reading.






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