Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update Big twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update Big twist

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Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update Big twist Neelam surprises Malishka with a beautiful party. She tells Karishma that the day is dedicated to Rishi and Malishka. Karishma is sure that Malishka will make it memorable. Shalu tells Bani that they have to plan something good for Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka meets Rishi. She asks for a valentines gift. Rishi is ready to give her anything she wants. Malishka says that she wants him to kiss her in front of everyone. Rishi refuses her wish. He tells that he doesn’t want to kiss her. Lakshmi asks why can’t he kiss Malishka. He asks her if he can kiss her in front of everyone.

He tells that it looks odd, and he won’t agree to Malishka. Later, Malishka challenges Lakshmi that she will give the rose to Rishi when he kisses her in front of everyone and propose to her. Malishka compels Rishi to kiss her. She grows close to Rishi at the party. Lakshmi suddenly faints down. Rishi leaves Malishka and rushes to Lakshmi. He tries to help her regain consciousness. Lakshmi doesn’t respond. Rishi goes worried for her. He finds her pulse dropping. Rishi gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive her. Fate decides to bring Rishi and Lakshmi together. Malishka hates Lakshmi. She ruins the cake in anger. Watch the promo below and keep checking for the full written update, when the episode releases at 8.30 PM IST on Zee5.

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update Big twist:

Rishi tells that Lakshmi’s paper rose is special. He misses her. He feels her emotions. He tells that their relationship is pure. He adds that Lakshmi’s anger also has her love. He gets glad. Neelam and Karishma are happy for Malishka. They don’t want any drama at the party. Neelam wants to make sure that they celebrate the party happily and keep Lakshmi away from Rishi and Malishka. They hope that Malishka makes the day memorable for Rishi. Shalu scares Rano of a lizard. Bani and Shalu joke on Rano. Shalu takes the fake lizard away. She tells Rano that she made the lizard out. Rano asks her to throw the lizard out of the house.

Shalu and Bani get fun while teaching a lesson to Rano. Shalu tells that Ayush has invited all of them to the valentines party. She regrets that Neelam is announcing Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She tells that they have to think positively and do positively for Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi shouts to ask for a towel. Lakshmi hears him shouting. She goes to pass the towel. Lakshmi feels she has no right to enter Rishi’s room from now. Malishka teases Rishi and asks him what gift will he give her on Valentine’s. He promises to give her any gift she wants. She passes the towel to Rishi. He thanks her.

Lakshmi looks at them. Malishka gets dreaming of him. Rishi and Malishka stumble. They have a moment. Lakshmi feels upset. Malishka asks him if is he okay. Rishi tells that he is okay. She asks him to gift her anything she wants. He asks her what she wants. Malishka asks Lakshmi to become a witness. She wants to make Lakshmi jealous. She tortures Lakshmi by showing her romantic moment with Rishi. Rishi asks Malishka if she wants a diamond ring. Malishka tells that she wants something else. He asks her to say it quickly. She asks him for a kiss. Ayush asks Karishma why did she ask Malishka to arrange the party. He feels Lakshmi deserves the responsibility. Karishma doesn’t think Lakshmi is their family.

She defends Malishka who is going to become the Oberois’ bahu. She asks him to stay away from Malishka’s party. He gets upset that he can’t do anything to unite Rishi and Lakshmi. He gets angry with Malishka. Dadi asks Virender if Neelam will announce the marriage today. He tells that it’s decided, and they can’t do anything. She wishes a miracle takes place. He calls it fate. He loses hope.

He tells that they have to accept this decision. Malishka shocks Rishi by asking him to kiss her at the party and prove his love in front of everyone. Her demand shocks Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi asks her did she go mad, he can’t kiss her, he has confessed love to her and also agreed to marry her, but he isn’t comfortable kissing her like that. She asks him to fulfill his promise. Neelam speaks to Kiran over a phone call. She asks if Kiran is happy now. Kiran tells that Malishka told her everything. She is really happy. She apologizes from Abhay’s side. Neelam asks her not to say sorry, they are best friends.

They congratulate each other. Neelam asks Kiran and Abhay to attend the valentines party. She wants to announce Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Kiran gets much peace. Neelam tells that even she wants to see Malishka’s homecoming soon. Malishka asks Rishi what problem he has. He tells that he doesn’t want to kiss her. She gets upset. Sonal calls Balwinder. He gets angry seeing Kamli in front of his eyes. He doesn’t take the call in Kamli’s presence. He sends Kamli away. He answers Sonal’s call. She asks him why didn’t take her call before. He lectures her that she didn’t buy him.

She asks him to remember his status. She tells that she had called to help him. He asks her what’s the news. She tells that Oberois are throwing a valentines party. She asks him to think about what he wants to do to take revenge on Lakshmi. She insults him for failing to marry Lakshmi. He tells that he will enter the party in disguise. Rishi tells that kissing is a private thing. Malishka wants to make it a memorable moment. She tells that it’s not a big deal. He tells that they aren’t married yet. She asks him to keep his promise. She makes him feel guilty. She shows her understanding side and also demands him fulfill his promise.






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