Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2023 Written Update Proposal

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2023 Written Update Proposal

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Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2023 Written Update Proposal Shalu and Bani get ready for the valentines party. Bani compliments Shalu for her stunning look. She tells that Ayush will confess his love to Shalu today, and he won’t be able to stop himself, he will get mesmerized seeing her. Shalu meets Ayush at the party. He is stunned to see her. He goes to compliment Shalu. He tells her that she looks really good, and he wants to take her to some corner. She asks him what is he saying. He happily smiles and finds it hard to control his naughtiness.

Bani realizes that Ayush and Shalu have become a couple now. Rishi sees Lakshmi ready in the western dress he gifted. He tells that she looks beautiful in the gown. He further adds that she looks gorgeous in any clothes she wears. He tells that she is really beautiful, and he wishes to marry her. Shalu and Ayush go aside to confess their love. She asks him to say first. He asks her to say first, please. Shalu confesses love to Ayush. The couple unites on valentines day. Rishi and Malishka are praised as a couple. Rishi comes downstairs with Lakshmi. The Oberois are shocked to see Lakshmi under the limelight.

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2023 Written Update Proposal:

Malishka is really happy with Richa’s hardwork. She loves the decorations. She tells that she will clear the bill. Neelam tells them that she will make the payment. She applauds Malishka’s choice. Richa tells Malishka that she had planned a grand entry for Rishi and Malishka. Malishka thanks her. She tells that she has waited a lot for this special day.

Malishka tells that she will have a grand entry with her Rishi. Bani asks Shalu if isn’t she ready. She tells that Shalu is looking good and that Ayush will like her. Shalu tells that she forgot the ring. Bani compliments her. Ayush welcomes everyone to the party. The guests talk about Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce and his marriage happening with Malishla. They think Rishi and Malishka love each other. Ayush waits for his valentine, Shalu. He thinks she is getting decked up for him. He offers help to his friend.

Ayush meets Shalu. He is deeply mesmerized seeing her. Shalu stops him from coming close. He is speechless. He tells that they will go away from the crowd and talk. Shalu asks what’s the need to go to any corner. He tells them that he has to break her head. He asks her not to ask any silly questions today. Bani laughs hearing their banter. Shalu goes with Ayush. Ayush stands ready with a gift. He tells that it’s valentines day. He tries to give her a hint about his feelings. He gives her a gift. She also hands over a gift to him. They both accept each other as their valentines.

They find the ditto gift. They laugh that their minds and hearts are so connected, they understand each other. He asks her to please say it. She tells him that they both are good friends. Ayush asks her not to frame him just as a friend. Rishi waits for Malishka. She asks for some time. She isn’t ready yet. He asks her to hurry up. He thinks to go and see Lakshmi if she had worn that dress or not. He goes to Lakshmi’s room. Lakshmi feels awkward in the western gown.

Rishi compliments her. He adds that he would have married her if it was possible. She doesn’t want to go downstairs in front of elders in such a dress. He tells them that it’s not a bad dress, and she shouldn’t wear awkward. He encourages her. He asks her to just look at herself with his eyes, she looks stunning. He takes her along with him. The announcement is made to welcome Rishi and Malishka to the party. Their pairing is touted as chosen by destiny. Rishi walks downstairs with Lakshmi. Ayush, Dadi, and Virender get glad when Rishi and Lakshmi are called soulmates.

Malishka gets late. Abhay, Kiran and Neelam get angered. Richa worries about seeing the big blunder. Virender tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are the best couples. Shalu and Bani compliment Lakshmi’s looks and also her pairing with Rishi. Bani jokes that Ayaan was secretly glancing at Shalu. Ayush tells that he will see her in front of everyone. Shalu feels shy. Neelam asks Rishi why did he come with Lakshmi. He explains that he had to get Lakshmi to the party. She asks him to stop explaining and just go to get Malishka. Rishi leaves.






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