Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Update Major drama

Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Update Major drama

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Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Update Major drama The Pandya children fight. Natasha plays with the water gun. She shoots the water at Shesh first and then at the other kids. The kids scream. Dhara and Dev stop Natasha/Chutki. Shesh complains about Natasha. Dhara asks Chutki to apologize to her brothers. Rishita defends her daughter while attempting to win her heart. She wishes Chutki accepts her as a mother. Dhara tells that they have to correct the kids when they do mistakes, or else how will the kids know the difference between right and wrong? Rishita asks Dhara what right is she demanding an apology.

Dev tells that Dhara has a right to scold and beat their kids. Rishita grows insecure when she finds Chutki obeying Dhara. She wants Chutki to befriend her and then accept her. She sees Dhara hugging Chutki and taking her along. She tells that until Chutki knows the truth, Dhara will make Chutki her daughter. Dhara plans to surprise Rishita. Shiva fights some customers when they speak ill about Gautam. The guys also beat up Shiva. Gautam assists Shiva in the fight. They succeed to get rid of the evil guys. Raavi grows worried for Shiva. She fears that his condition will get worse if Chutki and Shweta stay in the same house.

Shweta irritates Krish and Prerna. She welcomes them into her house, the Pandya Nivaas. She tells Krish that he has proved his stupidity once again, he didn’t sign the divorce papers when he handed them over to the lawyer for filing a divorce, but she has no complaints. She is glad that she is still a Pandya bahu. Krish vents anger on Shweta. He asks her what is she doing in Pandya’s house. He can’t believe the papers. She tells that they are still related, they are still husband and wife. She asks Prerna to get out.

Krish asks Shweta to get out. Shweta threatens Rishita that she will take away Natasha with her and never come back, even if Natasha dies. She tells that Prerna is the second woman in Krish’s life because Krish and she didn’t get divorced till now. She adds that Krish is just her husband. She asks Rishita to throw out Prerna from the house if she wants her daughter. Rishita begs Prerna to leave. She knows Prerna loves Krish a lot, but she has to leave. Krish tells that it’s not Prerna’s mistake.

Rishita tells that she is suffering because of Shweta. She requests him to stay with Shweta. Prerna tells that she won’t go anywhere. Dhara stops Rishita from ousting Prerna. She tells that Prerna won’t go away. She asks Rishita to give some time to her. Rishita tells that she doesn’t have much time. Dhara fears that Shweta will ruin Krish’s life once again.

Teri Meri Doriyaann:
Roshni and Chandni perform in the Sangeet function. Seerat watches their performance. She wanted to perform on the stage. She doesn’t want to upset Angad. Seerat and Kiran dance without the tension. They stay away from the stage and the limelight.






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