YRKKH 23rd February 2023 Written Update Abhir's dad

YRKKH 23rd February 2023 Written Update Abhir’s dad

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YRKKH 23rd February 2023 Written Update Abhir’s dad Abhir goes lost in the crowd. Abhinav tries to find him everywhere. Abhir speaks to Nandi and prays that he finds his Papa. Manjiri comes to the temple at the same time. Abhir promises to be a good boy. Akshara and Abhimanyu land at the same store for shopping. Manjiri meets Abhir and feels a connection with him. She finds him too cute and innocent. Abhimanyu visits the same store and feels Akshara’s presence. He buys the same item and goes away. Akshara learns that the shopkeeper gave her a gift to her husband. Abhir thinks Manjiri is going to kidnap him. He scares her of karate. She laughs hearing him.

He tells that Shiv will protect him. He doesn’t want to talk to a stranger. He tells that his family is around. She gets reminded of Abhimanyu. Abhinav prays to get his son back. Manjiri asks Abhir to have sweets. Abhir refuses to have it. She asks him where he lives. Abhir faints down before revealing Goenkas’ name. Manjiri worriedly decides to take him home. Abhinav finds a lady taking away Abhir in her car. He follows her and gets worried that she is kidnapping her son.

Abhinav runs after the car, but loses track. He doesn’t know what to do. Akshara finds Abhimanyu getting away with her gift. The shopkeeper asks her if Abhimanyu took the gift. She clears that Abhimanyu isn’t her husband. He apologizes to her. She tells that destiny makes the thing reach its rightful owner. Manjiri brings Abhir home. She calls a doctor for Abhir. Abhinav reaches Birla’s house. He asks Abhir if is he okay. Manjiri tells that Abhir was scared of the crowd and fainted.

Abhinav learns that she was just helping his son. He thanks her. He makes a relationship with him. He tells that he ran after her car and then got her address from a shopkeeper. He adds that he would have died if he didn’t find Abhir. He hugs Abhir. He gets emotional. He thanks her for saving his world. Manjiri tells that his son is really lovely, and Abhir reminded her of her son’s childhood. Abhir gets conscious. Abhinav apologizes to him. Abhir asks if Manjiri didn’t kidnap him. Abhinav tells that she is a nice lady, she got him home safely. Abhir finds the house big. Manjiri blesses him.

Abhir hugs her. He tells that she is like his grandma. Abhinav tells that he will inform the family about Abhir. Manjiri gets some chocolates for Abhir. They make a leave, while Abhimanyu arrives home. Manjiri tells Abhimanyu about the cute boy she met at the temple. He hears about the boy and gets reminded of Abhir. Akshara and Abhimanyu get to meet at the party.

YRKKH 23rd February 2023 Written Update Abhir's dad


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