Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s entry

Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Nidhi's entry

Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s entry Anjali brings Nidhi to Karan’s birthday party and shocks the entire Luthra family. Their entry puts a halt to the Luthras’ celebrations. Karan isn’t scared of Nidhi. He asks Preeta to relax, he will deal with Nidhi. Preeta and Luthras are tensed after Anjali has threatened them of snatching their house and business. Nidhi tells Arjun that she isn’t liking whatever she is seeing in front of her eyes. She asks him to realize what she is feeling. He tells that he isn’t Arjun, but Karan. Anjali interrupts and tells them that she doesn’t care if he is Karan or Arjun. She asks the Luthras if they are done packing their stuff and if they are ready to leave the house.

Karan and Preeta are stunned when Anjali gets the packing staff to assist them in shifting to a new place. She tells them that she has taken this place to help them decide which way they have to go now and where is their next destination. She insults the Luthras and commands them to leave the Luthra mansion, which no longer belongs to them. She asks them to just hurry up and leave the house, and they can decide on their new shelter on the way. Karan, Preeta, and Rishabh get so worried that their faces turn pale. What would they do to stop Anjali and Nidhi? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s entry:

Shrishti and Kritika make theme plans for Karan’s birthday. Bani asks them to make it amazing. She tells that they won’t get scared if Anjali threatens them, they won’t spoil their mood, and they will celebrate it with swag. Shrishti tells that Bani is right. They decide the combinations for the décor. Girish also gives a good suggestion. Shrishti tells that they will start the décor tomorrow. Bani feels blessed to get such a loving family. She is proud of everyone. She tells that she loves all of them, and she is proud that Shrishti and Kritika protect the family from all the storms. Shrishti tells that they are united. Bani tells that Karan has come after so many years, and no sorrow can end their happiness. Bani hugs them.

Karan asks the lawyer to find a solution. The lawyer tells that it’s a big problem since Karan started the business with Nidhi and signed the documents. Mahesh scolds Karan for his stupidity. Rishabh asks Mahesh to forget it. Karan tells that Mahesh can scold him because it’s his mistake. He explains why he had signed the documents. He tells that he didn’t know he is Karan, Nidhi gave him Arjun’s identity and told him that he loves her, he believed her every word, because he had a blank memory. Sameer asks how could he believe her.

Karan tells that he had lost his entire memory, when he came back to India, then he gradually recovered his memory. He worries that he didn’t tell Preeta about his engagement with Nidhi. Mahesh asks what is he saying. Karan tells that he just knew he is the owner of Suryavanshi industries, but the decision authority was with Hinduja industries. Mahesh asks him does he care now. Rishabh defends Karan. Mahesh asks him not to save his brother always. Rishabh tells that the mistake is done now. He asks Karan not to worry about Mahesh’s scolding.

Furthermore, Karan tells that Mahesh has always considered him a bad businessman. Mahesh tells that he is terrible. Rishabh asks them to relax. He asks the lawyer to guide them in some way. The lawyer regrets to say that there is no solution, if Nidhi wants then she can throw them out of the house. Karan tells that Nidhi will not spare them, she is stubborn like Anjali, and she is too possessive. Sameer asks what will they do now. Karan tells that they will face Nidhi together. Mahesh asks if they shall distribute sweets if they lose their house and properties. Karan laughs and hugs him.

On the other hand, Preeta gets tea for Rakhi. She finds Rakhi busy on phone. Rakhi asks her why she appears so sad. Preeta tells that Anjali has threatened them, and Anjali hates Karan because of her. She fears that Kareena will blame her again and get angry. Rakhi tells that it’s nothing like that. Kareena overhears them. She tells that she won’t scold Preeta without a reason, and this time it’s not Preeta’s fault, Preeta has married Karan. Rakhi gets glad. Kareena asks her not to cry now. Preeta tells that their emotions keep them united. She speaks positively that nobody can snatch their happiness.

She knows that they will stay happy together wherever they stay. Kareena agrees. She asks Preeta to make Karan’s birthday perfect. She wants Preeta to remember her anger, and she doesn’t need a reason to scold Preeta. She jokes that Preeta and Shrishti are so terrorized by her. The next morning, Preeta feels love for Karan. She finds him sleeping and teases him by moving the blinds. Karan wakes up and finds her playing around. She asks him when he wakes up. He tells that he woke up because she was troubling him. She apologizes to him. He asks her to give him a special birthday gift. She tells that she had gone to the temple to pray for him. He tells that he is already blessed. He asks her for a kiss.

She acts surprised. He tells that they already have a relationship, and Kavya is their daughter. Preeta agrees to kiss him. He tells that he wants a kiss at the party, in front of everyone. She calls him mad. She refuses to kiss him at the party. He tells that he will take the birthday gift whenever he wants. Kavya wakes up on hearing their banter. Karan tells that Preeta wants to kiss Kavya, but he stopped her because Kavya was sleeping. He asks Preeta to give the kiss to Kavya. He teases Preeta. He asks her to wish him on his birthday. Preeta and Kavya wish him.

Preeta wonders how will she complete the kissing challenge. Rishabh and Sameer apologize to Shrishti. She tells that she would have gotten hurt because of Sameer. Kareena scolds Sameer. Karan tells that it’s Rishabh’s mistake. He throws a cricket ball at Rishabh. Rishabh gets saved, and Preeta gets hit. Rakhi supports her Bahus, and Mahesh supports his sons. Kavya wishes Karan and gives him a sweet birthday greeting card. Karan loves the card. He gets emotional and thanks her. The family praises her drawing. Karan hugs Kavya. Rakhi tells that they shouldn’t waste time now and get to work.

Karan reminds Preeta about the kiss. Preeta asks him to get back, everyone is watching. He steps back and falls. The family laughs at him. Later, Kritika and Sameer argue. Rishabh gets busy welcoming the guests. Sameer tells that everyone believes them, they believed their word that Arjun is Karan. Rishabh tells that everyone believes him, and he has invited a few special people to celebrate Karan’s birthday. Karan comes downstairs. He gets the best wishes from his family. He tells that he waited for years for this moment. He hugs his family members.

Rakhi gets emotional. Karan gets naughty and reminds Preeta about their kiss. She compliments him and kisses him. She tells that she has completed the promise. He asks her not to act smart, she did cheating. She tells that she didn’t do any cheating, she kissed him in front of everyone. He asks her if he is a kid to get a kiss on his cheek. He tells that he is mad at her. He takes her to the dance floor. They both have a romantic dance performance.


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