Udaariyaan Spoiler Nehmat big plan 24th February 2023

Udaariyaan Spoiler Nehmat big plan 24th February 2023

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Udaariyaan Spoiler Nehmat big plan 24th February 2023 Naaz compels Sandhus to take Nehmat to a psychiatrist. The doctor comments on Nehmat’s anger issues. She intentionally triggers Nehmat’s anger. Nehmat tells that she doesn’t trust anyone, not even her family members, who lied to her and brought her to the hospital. Rupy and Satti apologize to the doctor. They tell that they will bring Nehmat some other day. Nehmat is tired of explaining to them that she is normal. The reporters come there and target Nehmat. They ask Nehmat about her stance on Advait’s victory. The doctor asks them not to disturb her patient, she isn’t mentally fine. Nehmet asks the doctor to shut up. She angrily rebukes the reporters.

She doesn’t want to hear anything about Advait. The reporter tags her as mentally disturbed. She asks him to get out. Naaz reaches there and enjoys Nehmat’s plight. She wants the entire world to see Nehmat’s madness and lose faith in her speech. Naaz tells that she will compel Nehmat to lose every relationship in her life. Nehmat asks everyone to leave her alone. She asks Swaroop not to show her fake concern when she trusts Kapoors more than her. She gets rude towards the family, owing to their loss of faith. Nehmat tells Rupy that she doesn’t need any psychiatrist, she never had a miscarriage and she isn’t in any depression.

She regrets that Rupy and Satti also trust Advait more than the girl they raised. Rupy tells that he trusts her, and he was just worried for her. He was just scared after seeing her anger. The family wants Nehmat to overcome this big barrier of sorrow. She wants them to understand what game Advait and his family are planning. Satti tells that the media had come to the hospital. Nehmat tells that Advait had informed the reporters and sent them there. Satti assures that they will always be with Nehmat. Rupy decides to not talk of Advait and upset Nehmat. Nehmat gears up to use the same media and expose Advait.






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