Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update Nidhi and Anjali come back home and get into an argument. Anjali tries her best to convince Nidhi to exact revenge on Karan and Preeta. Nidhi has no such plans. She just Karan to stay happy. She asks Anjali what did she say at Luthra’s house, that she will ruin Karan. She challenges Anjali to do it if she can. She tells that Anjali has to face her first before doing anything to Karan.

She wants to protect Karan and Preeta from Anjali’s revenge. Karan and Preeta have a sweet moment. He tells her that he just wanted to fight her so that he gets to hear her voice. He recalls that he had come to the Luthra house to attend the parties, just to meet Preeta. She asks him if he loves her so much. Karan tells that he loves her in abundance. She emotionally cries and hugs him. Ahead in the show, a short leap will be coming. Karan and Preeta will be seen welcoming their twin babies. Anjali fails to harm their business and family. She attempts to ruin their happiness by stealing their baby. Keep reading for the full update on your favorite show.


Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2023 Written Update:

Anjali and Nidhi come home. She asks Nidhi why didn’t she react and snatch everything from Arjun. She shouts that Nidhi has acted like a big fool. She thoughts Nidhi is super smart, and she will not forgive Arjun. She tells that she had given an open challenge to Luthras that Nidhi will ruin them. She adds that Arjun has behaved badly with her because of Preeta. Nidhi asks her to stop it. She tells that she meant every word she spoke at Luthra’s house. She explains that it was her mistake to give her husband’s face to Arjun. She asks Anjali how did she fall in love with Arjun, after knowing that she loved him.

Anjali tells that she fell in love because of his goodness. Nidhi tells that she loved him when he didn’t belong to anyone, he was just of her. Anjali tells that she tried to stop his marriage. Nidhi scolds her for attempting to trick Arjun and marry him. She feels mad to trust her and send her with Arjun. She asks Anjali how could she try to trap Arjun, when he moved on, then he deserved to go to his family. She has sacrificed her love for his happiness. She tells that she cares a lot for Arjun.

She asks Anjali to face her first if she has to ruin Arjun. She tells that she loved Arjun, she won’t take revenge on him, she respects him, and she is happy that he got his love and family. She calls Anjali mad. Anjali angrily goes to slap her. Nidhi stops her and warns her. She tells that she is good with the good and bad with the bad. Anjali calls her bad. She hates Nidhi. Nidhi tells that Anjali doesn’t know the meaning of love. Anjali tells that she hates everyone. She walks out of the house.

Karan hugs Preeta and offers help to her. She tells that she will manage her work. She doesn’t want any help. She asks him to get away. He asks her if she feels anything when he comes close. She denies it. He tells that he is her husband and has a right to come close. He asks for a kiss. She tells that she had kissed him already. He doesn’t think it was a kiss. She tells that she has fulfilled the promise already. She makes him away and leaves him upset. He tells them that he loves her, but he won’t beg her to love him. She asks him if he doesn’t want a kiss now. He asks her not to joke.

She teases him saying it’s not good to kiss when the husband is upset. He tells that it’s not true. He wants a kiss. They get a close moment. Kavya comes with the elders. Karan makes an excuse to cover up his romantic act. Rakhi and Kareena laugh at him. They also pull his leg. Kavya tells that she will sleep in her parent’s room. Karan asks does she want to sleep even today. Rakhi and Kareena find him troubled and try to take Kavya with them. Karan tells that it’s okay, he has missed Kavya’s entire childhood, and he wants to spend moments with Kavya and play with her. Karan gets playing with Kavya. They have a happy family moment.

On the other, Anjali recalls the times when Arjun confessed his love for Preeta. She loves Arjun. She wants him to love her too. She feels humiliated by Karan, Preeta, and Nidhi. She never expected Nidhi to turn away. She tells that everyone hates her, even Arjun hates her, and it’s all because of Preeta. She tells that Preeta has snatched her Arjun and made him Karan. She feels her fate has been unfair. She sees a speeding truck.

She goes crazy to drive towards the truck with an intention of suicide. She wants to end her life. Anjali’s car comes in front of the truck. She intentionally drives in front. She meets with an accident. The people gather on seeing the deadly accident. Someone picks up Anjali’s phone and calls Nidhi. Nidhi receives a shock. Anjali is seen in ICU at some hospital. Nidhi reaches there and rushes to see Anjali. She asks the doctor about Anjali’s condition. He tells that Anjali is critical. Nidhi breaks down seeing Anjali. She regrets her harsh words spoken to Anjali. Luthras finally get some peace.

Mahesh asks Rishabh and Sameer, what are they doing, are they secretly eating sweets. He tells that he also wants to have sweets. He adds that the sweets box is missing in the kitchen, so he has come to see if they got the box. Rishabh asks him to forget the sweets. He discusses a serious matter. He shows the farmhouse footage. He tells that the couple had worn exact clothes like Preeta and him, which means Karan’s murder was planned. He wants to know who was that evil couple. He tells that he wants to protect Karan, and the evil people will try to harm Karan again. Mahesh agrees.

He asks Rishabh to hire Abhimanyu to solve this case. The next morning, Rakhi tells Preeta that she will cook breakfast for Mahesh. Preeta asks her to go out and relax, she will manage everything. She tells that she will do it alone. Karan reaches there to spend time with Preeta. He finds Rakhi and Kareena there. He tells that he will have breakfast with them. Kareena pulls his ears and asks him not to act naughty. He tells that he missed Kareena’s scolding and Rakhi’s love, and also Preeta. Rakhi teases him and asks him to complete the sentence.

Rakhi and Kareena ask Karan to find a chair and have breakfast in the kitchen. Preeta acts upset with Karan. He tells that someone is angry. She asks him to go, but she has to do the cooking. He turns to go. She asks him if he will go on her saying. He tells that he is just being obedient. He tells her that he will tell her the truth, he missed her a lot, he used to see her everywhere. He confesses his feelings that she resides in his soul, he is incomplete without her. He thanks her for reviving his emotions. He tells that Karan has come back just because of his Preeta. She gets emotional.


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