Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Anjali’s deadly accident

Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Anjali's deadly accident

Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Anjali’s deadly accident After a heated argument with Karan and Preeta, Anjali leaves the Luthra mansion in rage. She blames Nidhi for ruining her happiness. Nidhi calls it enough. She asks Anjali to let Karan live happily with his family. She tells that Anjali can’t keep him happy even if she snatches him from his family. She wants Karan to be happy, no matter where he lives and with whom. Nidhi shows a big heart, while Anjali loses her understanding. Anjali meets with a deadly accident. The people gather around and wonder if the girl inside the car died. They check on Anjali and find her alive. They call for an ambulance.

Anjali is rushed to the hospital in a bleeding state. She slips into a coma. Nidhi gets informed about the accident. Nidhi reaches the hospital to be with her sister. Nidhi cries holding Anjali’s hand and regrets their argument. Anjali will be recovering from a coma after nine months. Anjali learns about Preeta and Karan’s babies. She rushes to the baby’s ward. She finds a big chance to exact her revenge. She takes the baby in her hands and tells that she will use Karan and Preeta’s child against her.



Imlie gets dressed in south-indian attire. The entire family looks amazing in the fancy dress theme, representing the traditional clothes from different states. Chini gets jealous seeing Atharv and Imlie. Chini has thrown the party with evil intentions. She thinks she would look different in a western gown. But, her plan of humiliating Imlie fails. Imlie wins all the compliments. Atharv also tells that Imlie looks very beautiful. Imlie makes fun of Chini as an answer to the latter’s clever plan.

Teri Meri Doriyaann:

Santosh tries to commit suicide. She tells that everything is over. She doesn’t want to face the world. Her daughter Sahiba stops her and removes the rope noose from her neck. Santosh breaks down. Seerat has run away with Garry. Santosh gets her note. She is shattered. Sahiba tells that dying isn’t a solution. Seerat loves Garry. She doesn’t want to think of anything else. She overcomes all her fears. She wants Santosh to accept Garry. Garry’s mum had played the entire game to make Seerat flee from the marriage. She will create a huge drama about Seerat’s elopement.


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