Anupama Upcoming Kavya exposes Maya’s obsession

Anupama Upcoming Kavya exposes Maya's obsession

Anupama Upcoming Kavya exposes Maya’s obsession Maya convinces Anuj to hide the past truth from Anupama because the truth will hurt the latter. She claims that Anupama won’t be able to understand. Anupama questions them, but Anuj lies to her. During a function at Shah house, Anupama and Anuj perform along with the other couples. Maya intervenes between them. Anuj doesn’t notice Maya. Maya showers rose petals at him. She gets upset when Anupama comes in front. Kavya observes Maya’s strange behavior. She realizes that Maya likes Anuj and is keen to draw his attention. Maya intentionally falls to seek Anuj’s help. Anupama rushes to help Maya. Kavya asks Maya to just stop these dirty games.

She opens Anupama’s eyes. She reveals to Anupama that Maya is after Anuj. She asks Anupama to beware, Maya stays in her house and has fallen in love with her husband, Anuj. She asks Anupama to expel Maya from her house. Maya’s liking for Anuj grows into an obsession. Anupama can’t believe Kavya’s words. She asks Maya if it is true. Maya boldly replies with a yes, which leaves Anuj and Anupama shocked. Vanraj steps forward to question Anupama about her perfect husband Anuj. He asks Anupama why did Anuj not tell Anupama about Maya’s doings. Anuj gets speechless while Anupama has shaken.


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Dhara gets Prerna home to keep Shweta and Krish apart. She plans to add sleeping medicine to Shweta’s dinner so that the latter falls asleep early. She doesn’t want Shweta to trouble Krish. She realizes that Prerna’s love for Krish is very true. She wants them to unite soon. Dhara, Krish, and Prerna begin their plan of proving Krish poor. They want Shweta to leave Krish on her own. Shweta doesn’t know that Prerna is residing in the Pandya house. She threatens Dhara that once she spots Prerna and gets proof, then she will immediately leave the house and take away Natasha with her. Dhara understands the big risk she is taking to save Krish from Shweta. She wants Shweta to divorce Krish and leave the family forever.


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