Kundali Bhagya New Spoiler twist Preeran romance

Kundali Bhagya New Spoiler twist Preeran romance

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler twist Preeran Fab romance Karan and Preeta have a blast on their honeymoon trip. They are invited to the restaurant for dinner. They find the couple’s dance program going on. Karan and Preeta also think of performing a romantic number. They join their new friends Akash and Neha. Karan compliments Preeta that she is different and very unique, and he will always love her the same. Natasha and Roxy also reach the restaurant. Natasha finds Preeta with Karan. She learns that Arjun is the Karan Luthra, and Karan and Preeta have come on their honeymoon.

She doesn’t want to get caught. Roxy suggests that they kill Karan. Natasha tells that Karan and Preeta know them well. She tries to get out of their sight. She asks Roxy not to invite trouble for her. Natasha doesn’t want to get arrested. Rishabh and Sameer try to find some way to send help to Karan and Preeta. Prithvi also follows Karan and Preeta to Manali to creating trouble for them. A shocking incident is going to occur that will ruin Karan and Preeta’s happiness.



Chini asks Imlie to have sweets to celebrate her sister’s victory. She tells that very soon Imlie’s drama will come to an end. She threatens of telling Imlie’s truth to Atharv. Imlie isn’t scared. She taunts that Chini’s life is based on a lie. She wants to expose Chini’s lies in front of everyone. Chini tells that she will expose Imlie’s fake memory loss. Imlie asks her to leave sugar and eat tamarind. She wittily remarks, Imlie in and Chini out.

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Prerna enters the house by hiding inside a huge chest. Dhara tries to hide Prerna from Shweta. They ask Prerna to stay in Shiva and Raavi’s room. Krish worries that Prerna is still hungry. He asks Dhara to arrange dinner for Prerna. Krish goes to meet Prerna. He secretly takes some food for her. Krish and Prerna have a romantic moment. She loves his little gestures. They spend some quality time. They don’t want to get caught by Shweta. Shweta isn’t aware of Prerna’s stay. She threatens Dhara that she will take away Natasha if she finds Prerna in the house.


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