Pandya Store New Promo Natasha critical news

Pandya Store New Promo Natasha critical news

Pandya Store New Promo Natasha critical news Natasha falls critically sick. Rishita rebukes Shweta for putting Natasha in such a bad situation. She tells that Shweta wanted to be a mother, but she is responsible for Natasha’s condition. The doctor tells Pandyas that Natasha is critical, she needs an urgent kidney transplant within a week, or else she can lose her life. Pandyas are shocked to know her condition. Dhara tells that they don’t have time to find a donor. Rishita replies that one of them has to donate the kidney to Natasha.

Shweta tells them that nobody needs to care for Natasha when she is with her daughter. Shweta shows her love for Natasha. She gets emotional. Natasha is seen hospitalized. Dhara and Rishita blame Shweta. They cry for Natasha. Chiku and Shesh learn that Natasha is their sister. Who will come forward to donate the kidney to save their Chutki? Keep reading.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2:

Josh and Prachi get engaged. Josh is happy that he finally got Prachi in his life. Prachi and Pihu love each other a lot. Pihu is sacrificing her life to save Prachi. Raghav cries for Prachi, but Pihu misunderstands him. Pihu thinks Raghav likes her. Mahir gets scared when he is asked to get engaged to Pihu. He runs away from the engagement. Pihu’s life gets saved.

Prachi thanks Josh for scaring Mahir and making him back off from the engagement. Pihu hugs Prachi, that the latter relieved her from Mahir’s blackmailing. She is glad that Prachi has fallen in love with Josh. She wishes Prachi to stay happy. Everyone is happy. Pihu hugs Prachi and congratulates her. Raghav sheds tears for Prachi. Raghav has stopped Pihu and Mahir’s engagement for Prachi’s sake. He gave the credit to Josh to make Prachi fall for her fiancé.


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