Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Update 1st March 2023 Evil Veer

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Update 1st March 2023 Evil Veer

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Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Update 1st March 2023 Evil Veer Isha decides to stay away from Armaan if her love will cost her family. She doesn’t want to lose her loved ones for the one person she isn’t able to resist. Isha eventually meets Armaan and tells her decision to leave his life. Armaan pleads with her to give him one chance. He wants to tell her the entire truth. He asks her to trust him. He tells them that he will clear her confusion and then she can decide if she wants to keep their relationship or not. He promises to accept her decision. Isha agrees to give him a final chance just to get her undue answers.

Armaan’s enemy is ready to attack him. Mahish gets the silver knife to attack Armaan and get him under control. He wants one chance to kill Armaan. Armaan makes Isha wear a bracelet. He wants to protect Isha from Veer. He tells that Veer won’t be able to control Isha. He also wants Isha to stay protected from him as well. He proves to her that he loves her. He wants her betterment. He tells that she can decide if she wants to understand him or not. Armaan reveals Kavya and his love story to Isha. He tells that Veer also fell for Kavya and snatched her from him. Isha learns about Armaan and Veer’s past.

Armaan finally confronts Mahish. Mahish tells that he wants revenge on both Armaan and Veer. He gets enraged recalling Armaan’s past actions. He decides to kill Armaan by using all of his evil powers. Armaan and Mahish get into a huge fight. Armaan snatches Mahish’s powers. He hypnotizes Mahish and wipes off his memory. Veer prepares Sarah against Isha. Mahish meets Maya and makes a plan to protect themselves. He doesn’t want the wolves to reach them. He tells that he has to track them out. Veer employs Sarah in his plan to put Isha in danger. He gets Isha bitten by Sarah. He taunts Armaan and remarks that it’s his way to settle scores.


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