BALH 2 Upcoming Spoiler Love triangle begins

BALH 2 Upcoming Spoiler Love triangle begins

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BALH 2 Upcoming Spoiler Love triangle begins between Raghav, Pihu and Prachi, that will change their equations in the coming times. In the current track, Prachi and Josh get engaged. Prachi is happy that love is entering her name. Prachi is slowly falling in love with Josh. Pihu has also realized that her liking for Raghav is love. She dances happily with Prachi. They both are in love and celebrate with joy. Prachi finds Pihu blushing and asks her if she likes someone. She asks her is she in love, does she like someone, who is he and what’s his name. She insists Pihu to tell her who is the lucky guy. Pihu doesn’t tell Raghav’s name. Pihu tells that she doesn’t have anyone in her life. Prachi knows she is hiding something. Pihu gets her Priya’s dress and tells about Ram and Priya’s moment.

Prachi thanks her. She tells that she can see Pihu is hiding about her love, because she isn’t meeting her eyes. Pihu thinks Raghav loves her, but she wants to get it confirmed. She doesn’t know how to ask Raghav about it. Prachi and Pihu have a cute bonding. They both sing, dance and get shy thinking of their perfect life partners. Prachi tells about Josh, who helped her save Pihu’s future. Raghav has no idea that Pihu likes him. Raghav loves Prachi, and is heartbroken that she is engaged to Josh. Soon, a love triangle will develop between Prachi, Raghav and Pihu.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein:

Pakhi tells Virat that she doesn’t know why he was hiding Sai’s things. She taunts him that he shouldn’t hide his feelings. She tells him that he wants him to stay happy. He asks her to not create any drama in the house. She tells the family that Virat is getting mad for Sai. She blames him for cheating on her.






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