Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Exit of character confirmed

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Exit of character confirmed

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Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Exit of character confirmed Main character exits post leap Karan and Preeta are invited for the couple dance. Karan finds it a good chance to romance his wife. The manager pulls Natasha and Roxy to the dance floor. Natasha is worried that Karan and Preeta can see her and remember her crime. She doesn’t want to get caught. She doesn’t have any intention to harm them. Even Roxy drops the plan of killing Karan. Roxy tells that Karan has a good fate, his luck and Preeta’s love have got him back from the dead. He doesn’t think he should challenge Karan and Preeta’s Kundali Bhagya again. There will be a new drama happening. Natasha and Roxy get away from there. Prithvi’s entry will happen and bring a huge twist. Prithvi’s character will exit from the show post-leap. He won’t be seen in the track ahead. How will they end his character? Will Prithvi get killed?

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2:

Prachi and Raghav’s plan to expose Mahir doesn’t go through, but they stop Pihu and Mahir’s engagement. Mahir refuses the engagement. Monica slaps him for the shocking move. Prachi is happy that Pihu got saved from a disgusting guy. Pihu realizes that Prachi had planned everything with Angad and Raghav. Pihu develops a liking for Raghav. She learns that Raghav has told Mahir about his liking for her. She wonders if Raghav likes her. Raghav says he likes Pihu to confuse Mahir and buy some time.

Lakhan decides to postpone Prachi’s engagement, but Prachi tells that she would like to get engaged to Josh right away. She feels Josh and her relationship is blessed by Ram and Priya. She believes Josh is a nice guy because Raghav is cleaning Josh’s image in her eyes. Raghav gets heartbroken seeing Prachi and Josh’s engagement. He goes away and weeps silently. He wants Prachi’s happiness. He is hurt seeing her become someone else. Prachi tells Josh that she is ready to marry him. Raghav is stunned by her decision. Pihu congratulates Prachi on her engagement. She wishes that Prachi gets true love in her life. Prachi finds Josh a true partner. Will they be able to see Josh’s evil truth? Keep reading.






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